M and I have had a busy day, our houseguests are in and settled for the evening, and I have been online stress shopping. Shoes, my nemesis. I cannot help it – shoe shopping is where I blow all my hoarded spending money. And Zappos.com is where I generally go to get my fix.

Tonight I was actually in practicality mode, in that I want/need a new pair of casual oxford type shoes for work. My last favorite pair were purchased in 1994, and at that time were the most expensive shoes I had ever purchased at $129 from Nordstrom. They were simple, black patent, chunky heeled lace up oxfords that I wore with everything from jeans to dresses and tights for the better part of 15 years. I had them resoled and reheeled on multiple occasions and only gave them up when the cobbler told me a hole they developed could not be repaired. For the last few years I have been looking for replacements and have even purchased two different pairs, which I subsequently sold on ebay after one season of wear. They were just not right.

Tonight I ordered two different pairs from Zappos.com, of which one will hopefully be The Pair. As much as I think I want to keep both, I know I will only keep one. M hates these things and has disparaging things to say about them, while at the same time understanding that he will never understand my sense of fashion and what is comfortable on my feet for the job.

But while on the Zappos website, I was looking at and drooling over a lot of other super cute shoes, the vast majority of which I could not or would not try to wear. They were too high or the wrong shape for my foot or wrong for any/all aspects of my life. Still, fun to look at and imagine being the girl that can walk confidentially and gracefully on 4″ stiletto heels.

5 thoughts on “Shoe shopping

  1. When I find a pair of shoes that are perfect, they usually discontinue that style. So, I buy many pair. If they are discontinuing the style, I buy pairs in colors I don’t even like or need. That way, I can dye them or wear the unloved color at home. Maybe your style shoe is not practical for other than work.

  2. I love shoes too! My days are over for exp ones though, I know they last and are worth it, but…. I did get some clothes shopping done and I spent the same amount on a pile of clothes that I used to spend on one purse! bK changes everything! 😉

    1. Totally hear you, DebtGirl. I went through a flats phase last year and bought several pairs in various colors. But one of these should work and I’ll be set for winter. Final cost? Between $85 and $105. Ridiculous but necessary purchase.

      Good job on the shopping! I have doing really well this year with the sales for Christmas clothing for those on my list.

  3. I was at a Craft and Design Fair recently and just had to stop at a stall for a company that make hand-made shoes. That’s something on my list of things I would like to do once in my life. I was quite surprised to hear that the price is usually around €400-€500 – I had expected it to be in the thousands. I’ve never spent that much on a pair of shoes but I’m sure I heard on Sex and the City once that a pair of designer Jimmy whatsits cost $400 and that’s quite a while ago so I’m sure they cost more now. Actually, my curiosity got the better of me and I just checked and over here they seem to start at €425 and head up very quickly to well over €500. If I’m going to spend that much money on shoes, I’m going to get something so comfortable I’ll be wearing it every day for years. But since it’s not thousands I might even be able to contemplate really doing it, which I find exciting. I could save that much in a couple of years, I think. I have such issues finding shoes that fit and are comfortable and that I can fit my orthotics into, not to mention then being very hard on them so that soles need replacing in less than a year. Hope one of your pairs works out for you.

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