Our family Christmas is Christmas Eve this year. Since both my kid now have significant others with multiple family outlets this was the best choice that worked with their schedules. M and I are flexible and willing to work with them whatever day they chose, so we are set. Now, what to make for dinner?

Today was our holiday lunch at the office and I whipped up a pan of oven baked bbq pork country ribs. They were relatively simple to prepare and quite delicious, so I was going to serve those on Christmas eve. Only issue is that M does not eat pork, so I will have to do some beef tri trip or something as well. I am also exploring scalloped potato recipes for a side, maybe a small batch of vegetarian beans or green beans. Having never made scalloped potatoes, this will be a new adventure for me.

Except now I learned A has to work until 7 p.m. and he and C will not be here until at least 7:45 p.m. Homemade pizza is being substituted and the more elaborate home cooking menu will be implemented on New Year’s day, when we will begin the year with family dinner. At least I have plenty of notice about the change in schedule and I am not the pouty type.

In 2015, I am going to try harder with the menu planning and food preparation. M and I eat out too much, eat too much processed food and convenience food. It has gotten steadily worse as the months have progressed and we are both feeling the impact of too much crap. My non-financial 2015 goals are still in the embryonic state. Plus I have just been insanely busy and not thinking about it much at all.

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