I knew I was getting close, but today is this blog’s first anniversary. Wow! It’s been an amazing, interesting, mostly exhilarating journey. Thank you all for reading, for following, for commenting! The input is refreshing and flattering, and I cannot imagine still being here this many posts later without you.

When I started, it was with a mixture of apprehension and exhilaration I anticipate most bloggers feel when they finally get started. What if no one read my blog? Oh my … what if someone actually READS my blog? How will I react the first time someone is snarky or mean? And why am I being followed by so many commercial-interest blogs?

These are just a few of the anxious questions and thoughts that have gone through my head as the days have passed. I have been so fortune to discover other great blogs and interact with real people from different walks of life, geographic places in the world, and life journey places as well. I have had opportunity to create my own unique “voice” in the blogosphere and carve out my own little comfortable corner. Sometimes I feel as if I am filling space, marking time with a few hundred words, other times this has become a unique forum to jot down my thoughts and ideas, happiness and heartaches. There is still no theme attached here, unless it’s the randomness of my whole life, and I suppose that qualifies.

Somewhere in the course of this first year I stopped worrying about readers, followers, themes, and the right way to blog and express myself. My statistics – now that I know I have such things – I look at only occasionally, and then because someone else mentions stats or remarks upon their readership. I still think about typos and cringe when I reread and published post and find a glaring one. “Audience blogging” became a distasteful idea for me as time passed.

So here I am … here we are … one year and 338 posts later. What a wonderful journey it has been. My first non-financial goal for 2015? To have at least 340 more posts this time next year. I am hopeful you are all still here, hanging in with me, when we revisit this topic same, time, same date, next year.

From the very bottom of my heart, thank you all for reading, for commenting, for following me. I know you have a lot of other choices when it comes to blog reading, and I feel very fortunate you choose to spend a slice of your time here with me.

7 thoughts on “One year and 338 posts later

  1. Congratulations! Personally I am so happy to be part of your audience! I love your blog…always informative, practical and honest. Mostly I appreciate your sound advice to my wacky adventures! Looking forward to another year of blogging together!!

    1. Thank you, M! I feel so fortunate to have found your blog from the very earliest posts and it has been a genuine pleasure observing your evolution, one wacky adventure at a time.

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