My daughter’s birthday was Wednesday (happy belated birthday via the blog, C!). She and A were able to snag the day off, which they spent together relaxing and running errands. They also stopped by on their way out to dinner to receive her birthday presents. She liked her gifts – a sweater dress, leggings, a pair of Tom’s ballet flats, and a sweater, plus a DIY gift (cash) for accessories – and overall had a wonderful birthday.

This morning I receive a text invitation from A for her party this evening. In truth I have been so busy it was the furthest thing from my mind, so now we are in a quandary as to whether or not we will attend. It’s not like we have other plans so much as we might have had other plans. With M’s new wheels we have been driving around more than usual, getting to know it, and today is our first opportunity to take it somewhere other than Costco, Sam’s Club, grocery store, etc. But now I’m feeling the allure of baking cookies – I never go to anyone’s home for a meal empty handed – just in case we put in an appearance. It’s been awhile since I have seen most of the kids’ father’s extended family as well as A’s parents and brothers, so that would be a nice.

Except I am not sure I want to go.

This is not me being spiteful about the last-minute invitation; that continues to not bother me. It is actually more that I do not feel so social, after the go-go-go of the holidays. Had this been on the calendar, on my radar as something we need to or should attend it would be easier to just muscle through and do it. But it’s not, so it feels optional. Besides we will see the kids tomorrow night.

But what am I doing? I have butter in the mixing bowl in the kitchen, cookie pans out, a tally running in my head about cookie baking ingredients. Yeah, we will end up stopping by for awhile and It will be fine. My son and K are hosting and the party celebrates my daughter’s birthday. In this instance it is less difficult for me to attend and not be resentful than to say no and risk potentially disappointing my young adult children. I will make myself useful and check in with G and K to see if they need help with anything.

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