M and I were doing a final grocery shop for the year, stopping in at Sam’s Club for a prescription and a few items as well as Costco. While we were unloading the cart items into the car at Sam’s, we were chatting and organizing and not paying particular attention to the cart. I turned around and it was gone. I was about to say something to M when he turned and then looked around and spotted it about 100 yards away and rolling fast, with our BBQ sauce and frozen strawberries. M sprinted after it and caught it before it before it got too much further in the mostly empty part of the parking lot. What a day.

But that’s the actual illustration of my grocery budget this month … runaway! I have not been even trying to watch the budget or my overall eating. We will be home tomorrow night eating grilled steaks and french fries, then probably watching a movie or TV series for the balance of the evening. Maybe we will be awake to ring in the new year, but it seems unlikely. M is doing an early morning run with a bunch of his friends, and I plan to sleep as last as possible.

So that’s our big plan for the holiday. Back to work with me for at least part of the day of Friday.

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