In another blog she used the word “aspirations” for 2014 in her recap. I really like the term, so I am adopting it here as well. But first, lets talk about goals.

In 2015, I want to be gazelle-intense about my health. I tried this year, and while I would not say I failed, I was undisciplined and did not make it a consistent priority. To that end, I have a single primary goal:

30 minutes of dedicated walking or cardiovascular exercise each and every day.

Such a simple thing, really, yet I ignore it and choose to spend my time in other ways (looking at you, computer and television). The benefits are measureable and immediate, and one would think my instant gratification self would embrace and wallow in that fact alone. But no, I don’t, not consistently. Some days/weeks/months I am great and focused and completely invested, but far too many days/weeks/months pass where I let it go, think I will have a rest day that turns into a rest month or months. In 2015, if I do not accomplish anything else on my list, I want this to be my singular success.

Anything else I want to accomplish in 2015 I would label as aspirations. A year from now, I want to report success in the following areas:


  • Continue our debt-free life and lifestyle.
  • Maximum contributions to all retirement vehicles – Roth IRA for me, traditional IRA for M, Simple IRA through work – $28,500 total.
  • Increase non-retirement savings by $10,000.
  • Pay $16,500 in morgage principle (balance is presently $191,500).


  • Achieve 20 lb. weight loss.
  • A1c of less than 7 without increasing present medications
  • Meal plan and smarter food shopping, less food waste.
  • Prepare all 12 monthly family dinners.
  • Build to bringing (i.e., healthier) lunches 4x per week.
  • Rowing 15 days per month, yoga 8 days per month (does not count toward daily cardio goal).


  • Read 50 books
  • Balance our vacations – one in spring, one in fall.
  • Adventure hiking at least once a month.
  • Take pictures of family dinners for 2016 calendar.
  • Stay current and active with this blog.


  • Update resume and become more active with networking.
  • Learn new and pursue advanced training in computer programs to update skills.
  • Be more mindful and effective with lists and organization tools.

It seems I have some pretty darn bodacious aspirations there, so we shall see how it goes. I’m planning to move this to it’s own page for tracking purposes. And so I don’t forget what I should be doing.

And with that … I am considering this a wrap and my final blog post for 2014. Thank you all for reading me, for following, for the kind and thoughtful comments. From our home to yours and from me to you, please be safe out there tonight and enjoy a safe and sane and HAPPY new year.

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