I waited to write this until I had completed my one goal for the year: 30 minutes of dedicated walking or other cardiovascular exercise.

Yep, this first day of a new year, and I am successful. I got up, got dressed, drank some water, procrastinated, folded laundry, procrastinated even more, ate some breakfast, chatted on the phone, and FINALLY climbed up on my arc trainer and sweated through my 30 minutes. I do not feel amazing yet, but I do feel satisfied. Only 364 more days to go.

I also weighed myself this morning. Ugh. Soul-crushing disappointment awaited me, even worse than my worst imaginings. A holiday season of unfettered eating and drinking whatever I wish is definitely NOT my friend, but I knew that. Had I known how bad it was/would be this morning, I might have shown more restraint; anything is possible.

But it’s a new day, a new year. I have my one goal and my list of aspirations for 2015, so I am looking forward with some tempered determination and a hopeful heart. I say “tempered” determination because I want to peak and crest and be solidified in my quest by mid-February, so when the average person is starting to fall off or has completely abandoned today’s diet/exercise/healthier lifestyle goals I will just be hitting stride. I do know I have my next go-round of lab tests the first week in February and my next endocrinologist appointment the week after, so I want to be down at least 5 lbs. by then and showing better numbers on my glucose meter. I sinned big the last 6 weeks or so and am now facing the consequences. I would like to be full of bravado and pumped-up to bring them on, but I am realistic. I fully expect to be in food withdrawal from all that I am giving up or dramatically cutting back on for the next couple of weeks. I console myself that it was fun while it lasted.

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