M has treed me about my chronic cough. This is not the first time he has mentioned it, but it was the most concerned he has been about its lingering continuity. And he’s right – this has been going on most of the time and to varying degrees of seriousness for about the last 18 months. It is time for me to put on the big-girl panties and get serious about figuring out why and how to get some relief.

In the beginning I was pretty sure it was allergies. My sinuses had been going crazy and draining into my throat (I know – TMI!) and causing sore throats and coughing. Took allergy meds and it seemed to subside. Ceased take allergy meds and it crept back up and started again, only with less sinus issues and draining. I just coughed. A lot. Mostly during the day, while going about the daily business, but usually when I lay down at night to sleep as well. Right now it’s sounding deeper and more chronic, the coughing become more and more predictable. No amount of water or allergy meds (that I do not seem to need – no sinus stuff or sneezing/watery eye symptoms going on) makes it go away. Definitely time to see a doctor.

I have not been sick in the last 18 months. Not even a common cold, which is usually what happens immediately after any kind of allergy/sinus flare. But I am uncommonly hearty the last few years. Other than a sinus infection about 4 years ago and my surgery (hysterectomy) 18 months ago, I have been healthy. Allergies really do not count as illness.

Reading up on the subject, I learned the blood pressure medication I take is an ACE inhibitor and 1 in 5 people develop a chronic dry cough as a result. Hmmmm … definitely a possibility. I am not a smoker, although I grew up in a house with heavy smokers. I am also not one to check in with WebMD every time I have symptoms, preferring instead to just call my doctor and ask him for help. Tomorrow I will be on the phone making an appointment to discuss this medication. I do not suffer from high blood pressure and take this because it’s part of the recommended therapy for diabetics. Surely there is something else? Either that or he can refer me to someone else for help.

Ugh. Getting older is so much less fun that it was when I was significantly younger.


8 thoughts on “Coughing … for about a year now

  1. Sounds like a chronic ACE-inhibitor cough. Your doctor can easily switch you to a different one. Switch first, before he signs you up for all kinds of tests that you probably won’t need. You’ll have your answer within a few weeks of switching meds. I have a medical transcription business for 17 years, and this is a common side effect.

    1. Thanks, Sue! Right now that seems like the most likely culprit, because I started on this drug just a few months prior to the cough really taking hold. I’m calling in the morning to get an appointment to see him.

  2. Six months is my limit for the lengthf time I have coughed and it was not as continuous as yours. If I had coughed for as long as you have, I would have a pretty serious diagnosis in my mind as to what it was. Friends of mine don’t believe it is normal to cough for months after allergy/sinus/colds/bronchitis problems. Did you try putting Vicks on the soles of your feet and wearing socks when you sleep? It works but won’t cure anything…lol.

    1. If I had been sick with any sort of cold/bronchitis, or even allergy-related issues, I would be a lot more inclined to think it something more serious. However, it’s a chronic dry cough, which is why I have not thought that much of it. But DH is becoming alarmed so I am elevating it to the “see the doctor” category of symptoms.

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