In my blog reading this lunch hour, my curiosity became piqued by the comment moderation. I frequently see that when I begin commenting on a new-to-me blog, and it seems perfectly appropriate. It happens here as well, and of course the spam filters are in place.

But I wonder, if you delete non-spam comments, what sort of guidelines do you use? For me, I generally publish anything and everything that seems related to topics I publish or is a question or comment of the most general nature. The only comments I have ever deleted (and there have only been a few) have been those with a LOT gratuitous foul language, are cruel, demeaning, or have anything that crosses the line into my ugly pronouncement territory. I don’t mind if you disagree with me or say things I really do not want to hear. As long as they are on-point, they can even make me personally uncomfortable. What is the point of accepting comments if you do not allow and accept dissention?

Most of the time, I am a positive, upbeat, happy person. I try to bring that spirit here when I’m writing, because when I go into pathological Debbie Downer mode you will find me extraordinarily boring and pathetic to read. Drama Queen is not a title I covet. Ask M if you don’t believe me, but I despise conflict, hate to argue, and vastly prefer to get along. However, reality is that conflict and arguments happen (another thing M is well versed in with me), and I am lying if I every state or even imply that I like everyone. Truly, there are whole slices of the population I probably wish stayed outside my natural orbit and favorite vacation destinations. But I am not in charge of population distribution, and mean people are everywhere. Suck it up and deal, right?

Here in my little corner I do not invite dissention, but I recognize that it happens. Hey, maybe I’ll be controversial someday … it could happen! (That might be something for next year’s aspirations list.) There are a lot of ideas that never cross my mind and may appear in my comments section sometime soon, and of course I want to share with all of you.

So as a regular event, I do not delete comments. Ever. I also only look at my spam folder once or twice a month, and it is possible an occasional legitimate comment gets lost that way. I suppose if you do not want to hear what others have to say about your blog you could completely disable comments, but then why bother publishing your blog at all? I suppose my ego is not quite large enough (yet … anything is possible) to feel what I share here is of such significance that I want to put it out there for everyone and not accept any feedback whatsoever.

The blogosphere is definitely an intriguing realm. Just when I think I have a good handle on it, I cross paths with yet a new, previously unconsidered question.

2 thoughts on “Comment moderation

    1. The interaction with readers is important to me. I’m not sure if Nephilia was her usual charming self that I would necessarily publish her comments, but since M and I are still married we’re not her target community.

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