Yesterday was M’s birthday, and we were both wiped out from the week. No big celebration, not even a special dinner. Just a quick meal and early to bed. I think we are/were both trying to come down with something, having recently been around others with symptoms and I know we were both tired and rundown last night. We do not do a whole lot of celebrating of our birthdays anymore, yet this is even more low-key than usual for us.

While we are mostly better today – still tired, but it feels almost like a chronic condition this time of year – we are making progress on the decluttering and spring cleaning around here. Today was all about the pantry in our office room and the tsunami of piled up paperwork. I admit to be completely embarrassed with how much outdated food we threw out. Our pantry shelves were such a disorganized mess that we had 4 or 5 bottles of different salad dressings because we would have no idea how much we had and buy more. Same with ziplock bags. Yes, I know we go through a lot of zippies, but for goodness sakes we have a dozen unopened boxes of gallon size freezer bags. It’s embarrassing. But no matter – things are organized and easy enough to inventory. I am even starting a list in my phone keep better track of what we buy regularly and so we know when we go to the warehouse stores what we actually need.

From there, and after lunch and a bottle of Mexican coke for the caffeine hit, I prepared to slay the paper dragon. While I do well on a day-to-day basis to keep the level of incoming mail handled, it’s the rest of the stuff – receipts from car repairs, manuals from new purchases, warranty information, etc. There is a lot of sorting, filing, and weeding to be done in this area, and I filled 2 large garbage bags from shredding old documents and personal papers we no longer need to keep. Now I must keep working at it so I am not typing this same entry a year from now.

I still have more closets to excavate the the guest room, plus the master bedroom. Ugh. I could be at this for the rest of 2015.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning, organizing, and other blahs of cold and flu season

  1. I could have written this post. But if you plug away at it all year, just imagine what January 2016 will be like!

    1. It’s definitely an ongoing process. It seems like I go to sleep on how much stuff we’re amassing and then one day wake up and we’re borderline hoarders! I’m hoping to be better in 2015.

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