So it’s been about a week since I took my last dose of the ACE inhibitor I suspected was causing my chronic dry cough. After these last 7 days, I’m happy to report I’m coughing significantly less. Of course every time I think about it, I feel the need to cough. But now it’s mostly because the sinus thing I’ve been enduring is trying to turn into a full-blown head cold and then migrate south to my chest.

Good times, for sure.

Today I visited my doc about the medication, it’s potential replacement, and how sucky it is to be getting older and trying to reform life-long bad habits. This is a conversation we have at least once a year, and I am apparently starting early this year. On the plus side I’m doing much better with my overall diet and exercise routines. My 30 minutes of daily cardio has expanded and is now 40 minutes when I am feeling more energized, which is most evenings. From there the eating just naturally gets better, because obviously I am thinking about how many minutes I’ll have to sweat and slave to burn off that piece of chocolate I want to consume or soda I really want to drink.

Since I’m on a roll whining about the healthy lifestyle I’m trying valiantly to adopt without whining (too much), I will say it is a pain to try and get through 30 minutes of stair-stepping cardio with a completely stuffed up nose.

Other than all THAT, my day has been just ducky. The weather here in northern California is gorgeous … sunny and cool high 60s, which is pretty winter-like for us. Our cats have taken a sudden dislike to M, refusing to be around him or even accept treats from his hand, much less allow him to pet them. It’s been an emotional trauma, for sure, because typically they like him a lot more than they like me, and they like me just fine, normally. Having never been a cat owner before, I will just remind M what he tells me frequently, when I take their attitudes personally: cats are weird. Hopefully they will be back to their normal selves in a few days.

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