The 3 fluffbuckets we adopted are all males, so by definition they are tom cats. That they live outside 24/7 also makes them tom cats in the slangiest of terms as well. But they have been acting strangely the last couple of days, first around M (running away when he opens the door with food and/or treats in hand) and now around me (running away before I even open the door).

I suspect they are cheating on us with the neighbors, and I suspect they have found a more agreeable food source. How can this be? We have wet food – fancy feast. We have noted what they like best – seafood varieties over the beef/chicken/turkey assortment. There are daily kitty treats to be had on our deck. But noooo … they disappear for days at a time and the food we leave out has gone untouched.


We suspect one of our neighbors has them shut up in the garage or household with their cats, inadvertently holding them hostage. If we have not seen them by tomorrow, we will start making the rounds to see if anyone has seen them lately. This happens periodically, because they are curious kitties and go stealthy stalking inside an open garage door every opportunity they get.

Cats a weird. But I’m starting to get worried.

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