We had to get some grocery shopping done tonight and are eating a late dinner. While I was satisfied with a peanut butter sandwich, M is preparing some sort of orange chicken he’d tasted during a previous Costco visit.  It smells awful to me. I am not much of a orange chicken fan in the first place, but trying to overcome this sinus thing makes it simply reek.

This on top of his earlier cooking disaster. M experiments with various herbs and spices, and a favorite creation includes avocado oil, turmeric, garlic, and powdered kale mixed up into a paste and then smeared on salmon prior to baking. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me – smells kind of like garlic and mustard – but he got distracted by something earlier and set the salmon on fire in the broiler while I was at work. The first thing I noticed when I got home was the smell of something so awful I could not even imagine what he’d been cooking. The story is embarrassingly common in our household, but with trying to overcome my sinus/allergy issue I wish he’d thought to open and air out the house. I am still working to completely conquer the most recent sinus/allergy issue and the small amount of comfortable breathing I’m capable of right now seems to be drenched in yucky scents.

First world problems, I know. At least the crisper is full of produce and I have organic apples to take for lunch tomorrow and into next week. M is also restocked on pistachios.

The cats came back. No idea where they’ve been, what they’ve been doing, if they were just hanging out with neighbors or what, but one by one they appeared on the deck in search of food today. M says they seemed hungrier than usual yet far more affectionate and “normal” than they were before their most recent disappearance. One we know was sleeping over with the neighbor’s cat while she was out of town – she hadn’t realized he was in the house until she got home today – but the other two were test driving witness protection or something. Kitty cams are starting to sound like an intriguing idea to us.

2 thoughts on “Food smells

    1. Quite possibly! Left to my own devices I am a dog person, so this cats-as-pets is a learning experience. I’m just happy they are back to normal and waiting for breakfast on the deck this morning.

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