I am having a brush with the blues this week. I’m 99% certain it’s primarily the sinus thing I’m battling and the OTC meds I am consuming to control the symptoms. Both tend to mess with restful sleep, and I get very cranky and testy without adequate rest.

Anyway, various events have tested typical be nice, be a good person resolve this week for no reason other than illness and fatigue. When reading and/or commenting I always want to be constructive at a minimum, but courteous, polite, and constructive is probably more in line with my goals. But I cannot be at least polite, I have better abandon whatever I am reading that is aggravating and elevating the evil snark within me. Expressing my most callous, shallow thoughts about the express route to recovery is neither constructive or even responsible, so I had best get my click on and move along to something else that is not going to turn me into the terrible, bitchiest version of myself.

With that I have wandered and sampled other, new-to-me blogs in search of soothing reading. I have been wandering through a number of commercial ventures. I have clicked around and read a few articles on theme-oriented blogs (the kindnessblog sounded like something I desperately needed this week). I flittered through some freshly pressed, a few mommy/parenting, several on marriage and divorce (to tame idle thoughts of shipping M off somewhere to avoid the heated discussions that will ensue on upcoming home decor purchases and projects), bunches of stuff on personal finance, even a few on different religions and spirituality.

All this wandering made me wonder why people blog.

For me it’s a space to share the randomness of my life – the good, the bad, the off-beat crazy. Since I am not on social media, this is where friends can take a peek into my world and see what is dominating it on any given day. (Today, it’s the thought of M joining the foreign legion for a few months so I can remodel the kitchen without having to negotiate or compromise on where we put the stove or the barstools for the kitchen island.) I learn so much from others who are ahead or behind or my peer in life’s big decisions and steps. It’s inspiring to be able to read about someone else’s struggles and how they are coping, and even being able to offer encouragement or advice to help in the journey. It’s celebrating and sharing their joy, offering support in times of sorrow.

For me, I think blogging is about the community spirit. Where I started, the blogs I am and was reading started me in one genre (budgeting and personal finance), but I found that it’s broadened into other areas I never expected to approach (extramarital affairs) or to journeys I do not expect to be taking again in this lifetime (dating). Along the way I have found real people talking about their adventures, sharing their stories, and I like that most. Of course I always wish no one was in pain, or on new, uneven, bewildering pathways that seem to go round and round and end in disappointment. While I always hope for and want smoother sailing, satisfaction, and happiness for all, appreciating success and joy from our explorations would be lessened without letdowns and setbacks and hurtful events.

I am so glad there are so many out there opening a vein and pouring out their heartache if it is what they need to heal and recover. I am happy there are blogs that compile research on themes and share inspiring stories or new scientific research and theories. I am grateful for those of different faiths sharing their testimony and their spiritual journeys. Those with experience in the day-to-day business of living and being human sharing their successes, their failures, their backslides, their hard-fought steps forward. Family members sharing their memories, their traditions, their stories. I appreciate it all. Even the beautiful, perfect pictures of decorated and furnished homes; it will never be MY house, unless we don’t ever live here, but I appreciate the artistic ideal and ideas it gives me for my own lived-in version.

I feel fortunate to belong to the blogging community, with my own small, personal corner contribution. Besides, where else can I fantasize about shipping my beloved M off just so I can completely get my way on our home’s furnishings? Definitely not in real life; he might hear me and make our battles to decide on kitchen faucets and drawer knobs that much more difficult.

5 thoughts on “Why do you blog?

  1. I blog because I have no friends in this Podunk town…..and it’s not from lack of trying either! My only friends here are the folks who work at the local Rite-Aid. Yes, it is sad and pathetic so I just live most of my social life on the internet.
    And my SO isn’t interested in socializing in his free time….unless the person likes chess and/or craft beer….so we can’t be swingers here either. lolz

    I am just an oddball in a provincial area so all my pals are in this little box. 😉

    If you find interesting new blogs you should share them. I am always up for reading someone new.

  2. Honestly, I’m not really sure why I blog anymore. It has been on my mind the past few weeks. I blogged for the enjoyment for myself and kind of like Sluggy, I don’t have any real close friends, so it has been enjoyable to feel a small part of a blogging community. I’ve enjoyed blogging about just random daily real life stuff, good or bad. I have enjoyed the commenters and getting to know others through their blogs. My decision a couple weeks ago to only blog about deals I find and DIY stuff has, I realize, left me feeling a bit restless. I have found I miss sharing day to day stuff. I miss not blogging about my DD’s amazing new (older!) boyfriend or the fact that I too, would love to sometimes ship my DH away, even for a day, LOL. I suppose I could moderate my comments to be reviewed before they are posted, but I still have to read the nasty comments, even if you guys don’t. I think the pain of our son’s detachment from our family has left me, at least for now, less able to process and toss away mean people :/

    1. I actually comment very sparingly on your blog, but the posts that will frequently move me to speak up are those where you talk about your real life. I was actually a little grieved you were ceasing that part of your blogging, although I completely and totally understand. While I love the deals you post – I have learned all about Target shopping and finding deals there simply from reading your regular shopping posts – but I love the pictures of your big black dog (my goodness he has grown up before our eyes!) and your older dog and even your trees and gardening. Your daughter, even the heartbreak with your son, it makes you so relatable and real to me.

      I always suggest people go with their comfort level, and I know it’s hard to read the mean words from trolls. For every one of those, though, there is going to be at least one from someone like me who is also a mom and who knows how difficult it is raising kids and how the struggle does not always end once they leave the nest.

  3. I blog because it is my daily running journal of my experience in the bankruptcy, it helps me stay focused. I hope it helps others like me who are financially strapped to feel not alone. I wish there were more personal BK blogs out there. I know I would devour them as we all know misery loves company.

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