M and I are trying again to get our wills and such drafted. We tried back in 2013, with the attorney handling my mom’s estate. Since I haven’t heard from him in over a year now and called yesterday to light a fire under his ass to get that estate work done, I was motivated to find someone else to help M and I get our own stuff set up and in place. We presently have an appointment for Wednesday, but I’m going to reschedule it for the first week in February so I can finish up some banking consolidation and not look like a nut-ball hoarding bank accounts. Our financial household is quite messy right now, with savings accounts all over the place with small amounts of money. I need to transfer the funds out and close a lot of them. Ugh. Good I bring lunch and can stay at my desk and make phone calls.

Other than that part of the mess, we are not in too bad of shape because we do not own a lot of valuable stuff that would be worthy of arguing over once we are no longer here. The house, the vehicles, my engagement ring are about the only things of dollar value, and we have a specific way we would like them to be handled.

Burial instructions are another thorny matter. M wants to be buried, and I wish to be cremated and my ashes can go into the ground with him. Now, do we buy a plot and plan in advance? I am so ignorant about burial stuff, and who knows if we will even stay in this area when we finally expire? It is kind of awful to think about, but I am trying to be proactive and actually consider the options NOW, while we are still healthy and of mostly sound mind. But dang it’s not exactly pleasant dinner conversation. I think we still have some time on the disposal aspect of things; it should not greatly impact generation of our wills, creation of a trust, and of course medical power of attorney documents. We can always update later as life continues and changes.

Putting that into lawyer language and ensuring we establish the best vehicle for ensure our wishes are carried out and distributions happen without the benefit of this awful probate process will be one more thing off my to-do list this month. At least, getting the appointment scheduled and the process started. Hopefully this new guy is on top of things and gets it done for us within a few weeks time. So I can stop thinking about it for at least a year, when it will be on my list to review and update if needed. The fun of being a grown up never seems to end.

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