Occasionally I get out of my blog groove and wonder if I posted anything. Note I did not state “wonder if I have anything to post,” because I always seem to making something out of nothing, even the minutia and mostly routine (aka boring) aspects of my daily life. Let’s face it: I crave stability and rather enjoy normal, uneventful days and having nothing special to share.

Today is kind of one of those days. Get up, exercise, have crisis with a blood sugar crash, be late to work because of blood sugar crash, and then mildly obsess about the unfairness of it all for the balance of the day when nothing else was occupying my thoughts. M is growing more focused on food intake, as his winter waistline is impeding his running/training pursuits. We have actually done really well on cutting back our eating out adventures – it’s been exactly 5 occasions of eating out or pizza in since the first of the year – but he needs to be consuming a lot more salads rather than the heartier pasta and stews and winter foods I typically prepare this time of year. I am still going to prepare the winter foods we like, but I’m going to be amping up the salads and cutting back on the starchy vegetables.

Okay, that was Wednesday night when I started this blog post, and then I got an email from the estate attorney, you know, the one I have not heard from in over a year? I had called on Monday and was told he would review the file and get back to me on Wednesday or Thursday. Well his assistant called on Wednesday and said he needed me to (1) write a check for filing, (2) sign a waiver, and (3) could I come that day to accomplish it? Ummm … NO. I have a job, checkbooks are at home, and I could not just abruptly leave the office to attend to personal matters. We scheduled for Thursday after work, and that was that. I was skeptical that this would actually happen but highly encouraged.

Wednesday night as I am drafting this post I get an email with the waivers to be signed, only both G and C need to sign one as well. Texts go out. G is at school but could meet me after 4, C is at work until 6. I call the attorney’s office, explain that I cannot get signatures until that evening, after the appointment, but do they have a mail slot? Yes, yes they do! I tell her I’ll be there with my form and check, will race around town getting my children to sign and return the forms via mail slot so they can be filed and I am that much closer to done. Attorney tells me he will pick up forms and assemble package for filing on Friday, after he finishes his continuing education in San Francisco, and more importantly, we should have a court date in February. Barring any questions from the court or objections from the three of us, the judge should sign off on the paperwork, I pay him for services rendered, make final distributions and close the estate account. I am DONE. It is completely ridiculous how excited and relieved I am to know the end is in sight!

M and I are bundling up and headed for the mountains, to see how little snow there is in the Sierras thus far this year. It’s been cold and foggy here in northern California (although “cold” is a relative term when people are buried in snow back east). We are taking our hiking boots and bringing a lunch, and ultimately we will end up in Tahoe and have tentative plans for dinner with friends up there this weekend. Should be a fun day.

And with that I am off to get started on the rest of my weekend. I hope you all are staying warm and enjoying some relaxing down time as well.

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