Our neighborhood is full of elderly folks. Our former neighbor is now in assisted living and her house is empty, but the next house over is a late 60s lady who was widowed last year. She’s doing well on her own, but she knows she can call M/us any time she needs help.

Well, today she called M for help with a wildlife problem. There was an opening under her house and animals have been getting in and making all sorts of racket. She had asked M to board it up last week, only she did not want to do it right then, she would call him to set up a time after she got the critter ridder folks out to get any stray beasts out from underneath the house.

Fast forward to this morning and she has trapped a skunk. She does not want to call the critter ridder folks, so she asked M if he would take it somewhere and release it back into the greenbelt. M agreed, and apparently got it loaded into the car, driven to the freedom zone, and released from the cage captivity before unleashing his wrath.

Yep, M got skunk sprayed. Not as bad as it could have been, but even a little is pretty awful. And I, of course, had to stifle my laughter when he texted to tell me about it.

M is quite the boy scout, though, and always goes prepared. Instead of getting back into the car in those terrible stinky clothes, he had brought not only a change of clothes but the skunk stink neutralizer ingredients and means to clean up. Changed his clothes right there in the greenbelt and did a quick wash up with the stink neutralizing ingredients (hydrogetn peroxide, baking soda, dish soap). Dumped super stinky clothes into tub with neutralizing ingredients, drive home. Shower with deskunking mixture. Rinse neutralized clothes, mix new batch, scrub and rinse again. Run entire mess through the washing machine.

All is well now, and my washer and dryer are fine – the clothes were cleaned pretty thoroughly before they went in. Since we live in a neighborhood where it is not unusual to see skunks, we keep supplies on hand and ready to implement.

If it were me, I would have paid the critter ridder and let him deal with the pest. Thankfully I was away at the office and did not have to cope with today’s suburban drama.

5 thoughts on “I REALLY shouldn’t laugh, but ….

  1. LOL…. that was a good story to start my morning! Poor M! I dont know that I would have stiffled my laughter though because just reading it has me LOL-ing!

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