M and I finally got our older CRV listed for sale on craigslist yesterday, and it took all of 6 hours to have it sold and at full asking price. No haggling. No negotiating. No further feelings of wasting time and elevating blood pressure dealing with bargain hunters and their aggressive bullying for the bottom dollar.

Because it sold so quickly and for our full asking price, M and I find ourselves curiously questioning whether we had it priced correctly. For a 16 year old car, it was in exceptional condition. The interior was nearly perfect, the paint still good, no obvious dents or even fingerprint dings. This car had never been in an accident or given us any grief. While the odometer was close to 200K, it has been well maintained (oil and scheduled maintenance done on time) and the motor was quiet and strong. KBB and Edmunds said $2400 for the same vehicle in excellent condition, so I figured price it at $2900 and hope for the best, which is precisely what happened. Our buyer was delighted – her 1996 CRV had been hit and totaled – and she’d spent the week searching for an affordable replacement.

I told M we did well considering the voluminous amount of information available and he agrees. We are happy with the final outcome and do not need to feel remorseful that we were not more greedy. I am happy the car is gone, M is mostly thoughtfully curious about the whole process.

This morning I was reading an article about the disparities between Zillow home value estimates and the reality of sales figures. It is a similar process. KBB was a good starting point, I added $500 to highest figure, and everyone is happy. While I look at Zillow and their home value estimates for curiosity purposes, I do not see it as gospel and would trust my realtor to price our home fairly if and when we are ready to sell. Same is true for KBB and cars, although I admit to using it as my starting point for negotiating when I am buying.

It was a good day, a mercilessly simple process to sell this vehicle. I’m grateful. It is another thing off my to-do list this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Vehicle sale

  1. Congrats! I’d say the quickness of the sale and not having to deal with people coming to look etc, was worth maybe not getting quite as much as maybe, you could have.

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