I was going to write about our family dinner last night, because I actually cooked and there was a lot of interaction worthy of preserving and sharing.

But then one of the other managers walked into my office to tell me that the child of a coworker was killed last night. Car accident. I knew her when she was younger; she spent a few weeks for a few summers helping me out with filing and scanning and shredding documents. A bright, beautiful young woman now deceased. Despite not knowing her all that well or having seen her in a few years, I feel shattered. For my coworker, for myself, for other parents who have lost children. While the loss of a child is earth shaking, I imagine the loss of your only child is somehow worse.

It is a sad day here, and I want to call both my kids and tell them again how much I love them, how proud I am, how blessed and how fortunate I am to be their mom. I probably will. Because this loss is far too personal and far too painful for me to process alone. M is coming for lunch, something he has done twice in 10 years. But we get it, unfortunately. Whereas others around me are blessedly only imagining how he must feel, I am all too familiar with it.

6 thoughts on “The best laid plans …

  1. It never fails, even after dealing with death first hand in different ways, there is something about news like this that always sends a chill along my spine and skin. My heart is truly tender for your co-worker and family, as well as yourself. 😦

  2. I’m a couple days late getting caught up on reading. I can’t imagine even going through that and it sure makes one stop in their tracks and realize how precious and precarious life is!

    1. It does, OneFamily. But you’ve got a terrific reason for not staying caught up on blogging: you’re KNITTING! I admit I am now stalking the tutorials you mentioned and thinking about giving it a try, too.

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