So this morning has been an interesting study in the hereditary traits.

At least once a month M and I go through a routine of where are my keys? It’s sad, truly sad, that this has become so routine that M knows the usual spots I lay them down and forget and can usually backtrack well enough to locate them. I try very hard to stay in routine with them, put them into my purse when I come into the house. Periodically I forget and leave them in coat pockets, but in winter that is always the first place I check. Every now and again they fall onto the floor and are not so easy to spot, but that’s the great exception. Usually it’s a simple matter of my tribe is absent minded, distracted idiots and M has married their queen.

Anyway, for once it was not ME who has lost her keys or locked them away and needs rescuing.

I get a call from G this morning at 8:05 saying that K is stranded downtown, having locked her keys in her car at the gas station. Okay, that’s bad enough, but G was distracted by the puppy and walked out of the house without his keys and is now locked out of both the house and the car. He has an extra house key in his car, which is in the driveway, but unfortunately his extra car key is also in the house. Could M or I possibly come let him into his car so he can get the extra house key, K’s car key, and then go let her into her car so they can all get to work?M and I have keys to all the kids’ cars and front doors they have keys to all ours. I am so bad about keys sometimes this is my nuclear safeguard.

It was just one of those mornings.

So M was dispatched to rescue K with her extra car key and I went to let G into his house so he could get his keys and get to school and to work. Thankfully they live only 10 minutes away from my office so I was not late arriving.

Sometimes I just have to laugh. These things happen, but all too frequently they happen all at once. I just checked in with C to ensure she made it work without any key-related issue. The peals of her laughter are still ringing in my ears. Thanks to G and K and their distracted states, I am having a much more cheerful morning.

5 thoughts on “My family and keys

  1. I used to have a key problem in my younger adult days. I finally just made one spot for keys and it shortly became a habit. I rarely lose keys anymore…..unless you count the time over xmas where stuff fell out of my purse trying to get into DD’s car and I didn’t realize my keys were laying outside for 2 days!

    1. That’s too cute. DH recently had a similar experience with his truck keys (separate ring from his normal set). He’d been at the car wash and dropped his bag of quarters when he got home. While picking up the quarters and putting them back in the bag, he put the truck keys in there, too. After asking (accusing) me of taking them and losing them, he very embarrassed to find them in his carwash stash – three weeks later.

  2. Sorry, but I am Queen of the Universe of Lost Keys. I locked myself out of my car at the service station, call locksmith, went home and locked them in the car in the driveway. I have many sets of keys, but they were all in the car that day. I know how you feel!

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