So I reached my breaking point this week on the phone trying to schedule service for our postage meter. Yep, started crying when I could not make the guy on the other end of the phone understand that our meter was not working and I lack the skills to take it apart. Apparently that was not what he was suggesting, but when the other party does not speak the same english I do and is difficult to understand because of a non-American accent, miscommunication happens. It does not help that this is the first time in nearly 10 years I have ever had to call requesting service on this piece of equipment and thankfully a technician will be here tomorrow. Hopefully I will not have another emotional, tear-filled meltdown on him.

It has been a very bad week.

Between my coworker’s loss, estimates for work at the house, the key debacle yesterday, my daughter’s concerns and need for a supportive shoulder, and ongoing drama with regard to our taxable investment account transfer, I am apparently stretched a lot thinner than I realized. It is the last item – my ongoing battle to reach someone at Betterment – that has tipped me over the edge.

I emailed their support team on Tuesday – no reply received as yet. I tried to chat this morning – chat feature is not functional. I called today – on hold for precisely 3 minutes and 20 seconds before I landed in voice mail. It’s only been a few hours but still no return call received. Monday is a banking holiday, and unless they get back to me between now and tomorrow, it will be another 3 days passing without a definitive answer. Another withdrawal has gone missing, and Tuesday we will be past the 2 week mark. I am beyond frustrated, because I cannot reach anyone to talk to about the problem, which is in itself a huge problem. Yes, we are moving our funds from this firm, but if they are not answering their phones, responding to their emails, or fulfilling my desires about transferring the money … you see where I am going with this? I am beyond frustrated and into the land of boiling angry.

I called an old friend to ask if there was a Department of Consumer Affairs-level regulatory body that I could lodge a complaint with about Betterment, result in dire, conspiracy theory level warnings about what could be going on with my relationship with Betterment as well as contact information for FINRA. I should have been wearing my tinfoil hat during that conversation.

I am sure our regular happy talk programming will resume at some point. But this is my complaint box today, so I do not go home and tear M’s head off with my whining.

UPDATED: Okay, I feel a tiny bit better. I received an email reply from Betterment from a couple of days ago. Baby steps. Breathe. Baby steps. Breath. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s days like this I wish I drank alcohol or partook of recreational drugs. Alas I am forced to endure completely sober, without even the benefit of chocolate or caffinated soda for comfort. (Yep, I have crossed over into the land of self-pity; I’ll be over it soon.)

8 thoughts on “Stress, frustration, anger – an emotional breakdown

    1. Betterment is an online brokerage account. I started using them several years ago after we had to actually spend our downpayment funds from our investment account for an actual downpayment. Lesson learned. We are headed back to Vanguard.

      I actually felt so much better after writing this post. I took a quick walk around the building and cooled down before coming home. Exercise is great and does work to even out emotions, but I miss chocolate.

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