M and I celebrate our wedding anniversary today – number 17. As we are now nearing 24 years of togetherness (in August), I guess we have joined the ranks of long-standing couples.

We rarely do anything big to celebrating such milestones. I am sort of hankering for a few helium balloons, because we have been looking at the selection every time we go to the grocery store or any other establishment with them inflated and floating in the air. We may take a drive into Nevada and wander through casinos to observe other brides and grooms enjoying their happy days. Or we may stay home and continue our decluttering efforts. Yes, we are an exciting couple!

Each year brings its challenges, some that linger stubbornly from year to year, others that sprout with the passage of time and the changes that come in families. This year both kids have romantic partners and serious relationships, and I know that is a both concern and a relief. As a parent, I suppose I will never stop being a little curious, a little concerned about their overall health, happiness, and well being, but I believe they are in good places in all respects right now. A couple of our close friends are hurting and this day will be one of painful hiding out until the hearts, flowers, and romance propaganda machine stops churning. For most, it is Saturday and not an especially special event.

Our anniversary is a reminder of my own good fortune. Not everyone desires to be married or involved in a relationship, but I am fortunate to have someone who understands me and still likes me as a person despite all that. Being with M my insecurities fall to the background, my quirks and weirdnesses and emotional damage seems almost charming and healed. We can be real with each other, sometimes too raw in our painful honesty, and I know we have both fallen short at times of each other’s needs and expectations. But we try. We succeed we try to replicate it. We fail we pick ourselves up and try again. In between we talk about it and we touch. We are a physically demonstrative and affectionate couple; that alone seems to be a saving grace for us.

So at the end of this sappy and rambling post, I am lucky. M is damn lucky, too, because he has the potential to drive a normal woman to the madness. Happy anniversary, happy Valentine’s day, M. I love you.

And to the rest of my readers, I hope today is happy and fun, however you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day 2015 – Celebrating the imperfect guy that is perfect for me all over again

  1. Congrats on 17(24)years together! Anything these days over 10 yrs. is a rare accomplishment, sad but true.
    Did you plan on tying the knot on V day or did it just play out that way?

    I’m working on 33(36) in August. 😉

    1. It was actually just one of those coincidences. We decided the Friday prior to get married, and since V-day was the following Saturday, why not? We packed the kids in the car, drove to Reno, got married at 8:30 in the morning. Several of our friends drove up for our impromptu wedding ceremony and we had a celebratory breakfast at on of the casino buffets, played in the arcades with the kids, gambled a bit, then all drove home late that afternoon. For us, it was a perfect day.

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