I had to take a sick day today, because something is off in my system. Since we got home on Saturday night, I have had a weird pain on the left side of my neck that hurts – only on the left side – when I breathe. It’s sort of like chest congestion in my left lung, only without the congestion.

Weird, huh?

I know I have been fighting off something because yesterday I had chills most of the day. It was 70-something sunny degrees out here in northern California and I was freezing and wearing multiple layers of clothing for warmth. M and I went and did a quick grocery shop, after which I came home and collapsed on the couch in order to rest up for the long trek down the hall to climb into bed. At 5:45 in the evening. I woke up at 10 to eat a piece of bread with some peanut butter and take my meds, then back to bed and eventually back to sleep. It’s hard getting comfy when one lung feels like it’s under pressure no matter how you lie.

At 2 a.m. I was back up with a very low blood sugar incident. The only good thing about this is I am getting better at understanding what is happening and not freaking out enroute to my meter. It was 49 this time (my meter starts the panic dance at anything below 60), so I drank some soda and ate some almonds to feel more stable. Then back to bed.

Today I do feel better – the 12 hours of sleep obviously did something good – but since it’s a holiday for nearly everyone (not my office, though) and my admin is in all day, I am kicking back and taking it easy. Unfortunately my doc is one of those who took the day off, so I will call tomorrow to see if this is something visit-worthy. Hopefully it will be cleared up by then. The weird thing is that other than the chills, intermittent low fever (100 sometimes), and the weird pain, I don’t actually feel bad. Maybe this is my brain telling me to take a break.

Whatever is going on, I am taking it easy and kicking back today, getting reacquainted with my comfy family room couch and the backlog of books in my Kindle. I have definitely endured worse sick days than this.

7 thoughts on “Sick day

  1. Definitely rest and homemade chicken noodle soup….really works. Listen to your body and relax. Feel better soon.

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