Our concrete contractor will be here midday tomorrow to start the destruction phase of our project. EEEK! I thought we had a couple more weeks, but schedules on other projects shifted and we are now ready to go. It’s great news on the getting it done part, and probably equally great news on putting a big red deadline in front of us to get crap dumped and organized from the side yard and garage. Nothing like pressure to light a fire under us to get moving and get it done.

M worked on the side yard yesterday and took a truckload to the dump. I was working in the garage, cleaning out, organizing, and contributing to the filling of our trash and recycling bins as well as the load of stuff M transported. Still today I have a pile of stuff to go on the next dump run from the garage, and to show for my 1.5 days of effort I have one side of the garage neatly organized and put away off the floor and onto the shelving, and even a few shelves left. I took two loads to the Goodwill donation express location near us yesterday, and I am 3/4 of the way to yet another car load. I am delighted with our progress.

As of this moment I am at a bit of a standstill with our decluttering project, as M is off borrowing a set of tires and wheels for his project car to move it and I need some decisions on a last pile before I head to donation. This is a long overdue process for us, since much of this crap has been just sitting since we moved here 3+ years ago. It has always been something with us – too hot, too cold, we want to go hiking or see friends or do anything more fun that such drudgery – yet now that we are in the midst of it we are lamenting the lack of time to finish before the concrete crew gets here tomorrow. There really is not lack of time so much as lack of space once they start digging everything up for the new surfaces. It is okay; we will get everything we must get done before they arrive done and then move forward once more when the new pads are done, dry, and ready to be utilized.

Since M is out and about, I am switching gears until he returns and multi-tasking. I am bulk cooking for the week and the freezer – I have 2 pans of meatloaf in one oven, 2 pans of lasagna in the other, roast beast in the crockpot, cookie dough mixed and ready to bake – plus the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer are all running. The bed has been stripped and remade, and I’m just waiting for the duvet cover to dry to test a method of putting it back over the comforter M found on youtube. Hopefully it works as promised and I can get that baby stuffed and smoothed by myself.

There is still dump and donation runs on the horizon, but it’s been a fantastic and productive weekend. I wish I could muster and sustain this level of energy and enthusiasm for household chores even one weekend per month, but alas I seem hardwired to resist housework. Plus negotiating with M over crap we keep, crap we donate, crap we toss is exhausting, and I know he feels the same way. We are definitely not a couple that can clean and organize our way to a happy and fulfilled marriage; we would have parted long ago if we did this sort of thing with any regularity.

Onward – the dryer just dinged and I’m eager to try my mad new duvet cover wrangling skills.

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