Jack hammering concrete is loud, frustrating, aggravating business. I totally get that. They started with the sledgehammers on a few planter boxes before 9, but the actual jack hammer to concrete did not start until after 9 and ended just about 5 p.m.

At 4:30 our neighbor 2 houses down called to complain and remarked that it was after 4 p.m. and the noise continued. She could not go out and enjoy the outdoors “all day long” because of the racket. I explained we were replacing about 4000 square feet of concrete around our home and it is a noisy process, but it was today and probably part of tomorrow and that should be it … for the jack hammering. She then asked if we needed a permit for that … and some kind of neighborhood noise notification.

Ummm … no, we do not need your permission to work on our home.

Then the neighbor across the street (the cranky one) approached me when I drove into the driveway, complaining about the noise, and “didn’t you just do this last year with your pool?” Ummm … no, that was your neighbor on the other side. Our pool resurfacing was done the year before. That did not go over well, and he yelled at me about the noise going on all day and he was about to call the police when it finally stopped.

Okay, I get that it’s noisy. I apologized for the noisy. But we have no quieter way of break up concrete and are nearly done with that part of the process.

Of course, this is also the neighbor who complained to both his immediate neighbors on the left and on the right about “dust getting all over his car he just had detailed” when they were resurfacing their pool and remodeling their back yard landscaping (on the left of him) and then installing an RV pad and extended driveway (on the right of him).

Whiners, both of them. They are both retired, home all day, and yeah, it’s danged annoying when your neighbors are doing construction. But it does not last forever, and in our case the jack hammering will be complete tomorrow. So shut up and deal already.

6 thoughts on “Prima donna neighbors

  1. Oh geez! and so what even if you did need a permit? you’d have gotten one and they’d still have the noise. I guess you could have forewarned them that you were going to be noisy for a day and a half. Maybe they should come live next door to my neighbors for a day…..then they’d really have something to complain about 😉

    1. I know! I did warn my one set of neighbors, because they work from home sometimes. They appreciated the heads-up but assured me it would be fine. These retired folks who are home all day and have little to do other than gossip and complain are hard to take.

    1. *laugh* Oh Kay … I am so sorry! We have one barker a couple of houses over, but it’s usually one of those “I hear you back there … come play with me!” whenever we are in the yard.

      1. My one neighbor had a breeder license and so had like 5 little yappy dogs that they would leave in the backyard for hours on end. They finally moved to a house down the street they also own. The new renters apparently have just one big dog so we will see how it goes as they haven’t moved in yet.

  2. My neighbors remodeled for three months with almost continuous hammering, sawing, music. They might miss a day or two. Then, just when I thought a nap might be possible, they picked that very hour to return and make noise. But, I would never complain about construction because it has to end sometime. Dogs bark forever for years.

    Then, the house on the other end of the block, three doors down started remodeling the house. You might think that would be far enough away to not hear, but nine months got to be a long, long time for noise. And, I did not complain! And, I am home all day.

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