Both my prima donna neighbors were outside this morning when I left for work. It was 8:15, the concrete guys had arrived and were swinging picks and sledges to breakup the larger concrete slabs that they jackhammered yesterday. Yes, there was some noise involved, but nothing like Tuesday with the jack hammer running much of the time between 9 and 5. That would start again at 9 a.m. I left M to deal with them if needed; today should be the last day of destructions, but it was going to be loud with the jackhammers and the concrete being plucked from the ground by a backhoe and tossed into the truck.

Just seeing them outside in the morning, obviously observing and preparing to complain makes me tense and anxious. Thus far, though, they have not approached M about the noise. Our other neighbors, right next door to us, were both working at home yesterday and came over last night to see the progress up close. They said it was noisy, but between headphones and music it was not unbearable. Besides, it’s only a couple of days.

The fluffbuckets are not sure what to make of the world-as-they-know-it being terraformed, particularly since the stairs leading to the deck and the food bowls are no longer available. M had put a board down so they can reach the deck, but these are spoiled, Princely cats who apparently dislike change. Last night we found all three of them sitting on the ground at the foot of the board looking up at us forlornly as if the zombie apocolypse had finally arrived. We resisted going down and carrying them up to the deck, because they are at least as resourceful as they are spoiled. If they do not want to walk up the plank to the food bowls they can go beg for dinner at one of the neighbor’s houses. My tough-love pet parenting has pretty shallow limits, though, and had the food still be in the bowls when we got home from running errands, I know us and we would have moved them down to ground level. However, two of the three were lounging in the kitty beds when we got home and the bowls were empty, so they figured it out.

I have started my violent sneezing again and my sinuses are reacting to the dust, so I will have to stay inside and away from the backyard while this is going on. Hopefully the destruction stays on track and concluded today.

2 thoughts on “Concrete – day 2

  1. Neighbors like that drive me nuts. It’s not like you’re going to be doing this for years on end…it’s temporary. Sometimes people are just plain stupid – and it takes a lot for me to think like that.

    1. They are retired and apparently have very narrow little lives. That part of the project was concluded between 9 and noon today, then they started with the excavator, but that was much quieter.

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