My son is turning 28 next Wednesday, and K has invited us (as well as C and A and a bunch of their other friends) to join them in Santa Cruz for dinner and a day on the boardwalk. I am hugely flattered by the invitation, yet I am hesitating. I mean, as parents go we are pretty cool. Yet I am not sure we are parents that should hang out with the kids and their friends on an away trip. We may not be quite THAT cool, yanno?

M and I do not drink alcohol, because growing up with an alcoholic parent I never wanted to follow my dad down the rabbit hole of that type of addiction and M had such adverse reactions in his youth that it is simply better to not imbibe. . Most of the time it’s not an issue, but we rarely socialize outside of home much less out of town with the kids and their friends. I just don’t know. This is a new (and kind of good) situation for us, and while it could be my own social anxiety rearing its ugly head, I also don’t want my kids and their friends to feel inhibited by our presence.

I did reach dial direct and just ask my son what he thinks, how he feels, and I expect he will be honest with me about it. Our feelings will not be hurt if he says he would rather keep the festivities with his generation of family and friends, and we will celebrate with a family dinner at another time.

It seems like every year there is a new evolution to family dynamics and relationships. Fortunately thus far they are positive changes, yet at the same time it’s completely different than M and I with our parents. This is a GREAT turn of events, yet still a bit of a curious struggle.

2 thoughts on “One of those grown-up “mom” situations

  1. I like inviting my parents to do stuff with me. Then when it gets late and they want to go home to bed I just continue to party on with the younger crowd. If your son wants you there you should go and not feel weird.

  2. You should go 🙂 I’m sure they will all enjoy your company and you guys will have a fun time. My daughter’s boyfriend just invited us to go to a jazz dinner concert that is coming up in a few months. Sure, we’ll go – they wouldn’t have invited us if they didn’t want us there 🙂

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