Since beginning my blog wanderings I have pondered finding “voice” for this blog. I have since concluded there is no one voice for me, because I share what I share and do not lose sleep if anyone is reading or not. If I dwell too long on readers/followers and such it skews me; I start thinking about what I need to say to them versus what I just desire to share in the moment. Yeah, my current home improvement obsession gets a little dull to anyone who is not related to me (possibly even those who are related to me), but it’s okay. Tomorrow I could be posting yet anther of my gratuitous cat, dog, random animal or pet that crosses my path pic.

Or I could be talking about something more serious, like death and grief or cancer or child abuse. Maybe it will be about money and how it seems to be flying out of my bank account right now, which gives me mild anxiety because greenbacks and I have a long and complicated history. Perhaps relationships and their layers and tiers. My husband, the remarkable M, seems to be a relevant character in nearly every post. I think when someone anchors you to be free to write about the bland or bold randomness that crosses your mind they become a recurring character in your blog.

Matt over at Must Be this Tall to Ride was the first blog I followed when I started blogging and I have enjoyed each and every post since then. Today he was discussing how he does not want to be a divorce blogger (, so it started me down this pathway yet again. (For the record, I don’t think of Matt as a divorce blogger; I think he’s a cool guy, an excellent writer, and he has has life wisdom and experiences to share.) Then there are the mommy bloggers, who are at a difference place on the journey that I am with my own wonderful kids, but there are random ones I read and follow because I genuinely enjoy the authors and appreciate their practicality and/or down-to-earth approach to being a parent. Or blogs regarding infidelity, an issue I have not personally or directly had to face, yet there are people residing in my orbit who have been both the betrayer or the betrayed, making the tales I read here so uncomfortably real for me.

I feel I am an equal opportunity reader as well as a random genre blogger, and I know that is good thing, most days even better than good. Sometimes I wish I were a little more focused, that I was a cog in a specific wheel. To go that route would turn my mixed bag of posts into something all about content, word count, deadlines, production on demand … and it would start to feel way too much like work. I do enough of that to know that I like my any and all blog writing I choose to do to be the antithesis of work.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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