The whole crew was here today polishing and sealing our pool tile. This is just a little out of scope for them, but their “tile guy” they usually refer is in Mexico visiting family. However, he told our contractor what to buy and reminded him how it is done, plus he is quite skilled and has observed the tile guy in action long enough to have the concepts down.

It’s beautiful, simply beautiful.

We also got a little demonstration of the sealant and grippy material they will be applying next month, after the 30 day curing period has passed. It will add a nice shine to our new surfaces, an unexpected bonus because we love shiney.

Now that all this is done, we can refill the pool and M can start the chemical balance and water conditioning process. He’s quite familiar with it from the first go-round after having the pool resurfaced in 2013, and it suits his particular brand of perfectionist OCD. Either way, the big job is done today, at least until the sealing process for a couple of days in April.

The miscommunications bump was handled and was just that – a miscommunication. The cost of the concrete was included in the original bid, and I had a nice chat with the contractor’s wife, who writes up the estimates and does the final invoicing. She was very gracious and accepting of my need to have things broken down a bit more, so in the future I will know what to expect and when. After adding change orders, the final amount due was less than we anticipated or expected. With the whole crew here today M was able to give each a cash tip – a direct thank you from us to them for all their hard work. I have no idea if it’s customary or not, but it’s how we roll. We also got them a couple of cases of beer to enjoy – it is Saturday, after all.

4 thoughts on “Concrete – Done today

    1. I will be taking and posting some soon, hopefully tomorrow. Our pool looks so sad all empty right now, but M is off getting supplies, the hose is running, and should soon be full once more.

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