M and I are not an especially romantic couple in most traditional senses of the word. We are very loving and attentive to each other. PDA is not an issue. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries/Valentine’s day, other “just because” occasions are not occasions we celebrate with romantic trappings. I guess we have always been practical about these things.

But then there is today.

M gifted me with a song. It’s an oldie, Herb Alpert’s “This Guy’s in Love with You.” Just because he heard another version of it playing at the hardware store and it took him back to our first dating days, reminding him of how lonely he was before he found me.

Our taste in music is radically different, to say the least. But he knows I like this version of the song and love, Love, LOVE the sentiment behind it.

For every instance that he drives me to the edge of batshit crazy and tempts me to dive off and drown myself in a frustrated, destructive, angry outburst, he does at least a hundred times more things like this that make me smile and recognize again I am to so fortunate and so blessed to have someone who knows and understands me, still loves me and likes me a person.

Plus my attempt to build interest in power tools probably boost to my “cool wife” cred. Home Depot is to M what Nordstrom’s shoe department is to me, although M loves shoe shopping with me almost as much. I wish I could proclaim success in developing equal enthusiasm for his love of hardware stores. Ah well.

2 thoughts on “Sentimental sappiness

  1. I love that he knows you well enough to send you a song that harkens back to “when we first started”. Those moments are special and unique. I thought Home Depot was the equivalent of the Nordstrom shoe department for DH as well. He corrected me and said “no”, Home Depot is more like Target. Harbor Marine is my Nordstrom…LOL

    1. *LAUGHING* LOVE IT! All hardware stores are “Home Depot” to me, but there was a really great old hardware store downtown that closed probably 20+ years ago that DH and other men I know still talk about and miss.

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