It seems unlikely I will burn for this transgression, but I usually feel guiltier about being uncharacteristically rude. In this case I guess I do not feel guilty at all.

There is a grocery store near the office where I grab a sandwich or groceries for home a couple of lunch hours each week. For about the last month there have been Greenpeace volunteers out in front of the story wanting to save whales, dolphins, the rain forest, etc. Most of the time I just walk by, do not make eye contact, do not respond when they toss out their queries. It is hugely annoying to me – I get enough donation solicitations to paper the interior of my house in a year – and I do not need to be accosted on the way in and out of my grocer.

Today I had a lot on my mind and was not paying much attention when the girl stepped up right in front of me and suggested we save the dolphins together. I stopped and asked if I contributed to driving them to extinction would that make Greenpeace leave me alone on my lunch hour? She looked shocked and said dolphins are beautiful creatures, worthy of saving, to which I replied busy people are worthy of relaxed and unbothered lunch hours, too.

It was not my finest moment. But then I found out from my coworker that this particular grocery chain does not allow girl scouts to set up their cookie stands in front of the stores, because to say yes to girl scouts means saying yes to every request they receive. Yet there is Greenpeace … every. single. day.

I may have to rethink my shopping habits.

7 thoughts on “I was mean to a Greenpeace volunteer

  1. I’d take store policies up with a manager. Most grocery stores around here have no solicitation signs up…..except they let the local kid’s orgs. set-up and sell(T-Ball. soccer, football, cheerleaders and Scouts).

    1. It’s been pointless. I bring it up, other customers bring it up, and the manager shrugs and says she tells them to leave and they do, then are back shortly thereafter.

  2. This made me laugh out loud at work. So thank you for that.
    I usually just say I’ve already given – because I have, through payroll deduction to work for the key charities I support šŸ™‚

  3. it wasnt wholepay packet was it?the store because when i lived in siera oaks the closet wholefoods sorry i mean wholepaypacket had a policy similar to what you described

    1. Nope, it was not a whole paycheck (as we call it around here). Come to think of it, I have never seen anyone selling or soliciting for donations outside of one of those stores. The ones in my area are in newer, more upscale neighborhoods with regular security patrolling the parking lots, etc.

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