Mom failure alert

Tomorrow is G’s birthday, and I completely forgot to buy him a gift. In my defense he is nearly impossible to buy for and I had been thinking about it a lot until last week, yet I still forgot. Until driving home tonight from work, too tired to have any desire to go to a mall and purchase a gift.

I will do what I always kinda-sorta do for the kids and their birthdays these days: I shall throw money at the problem.

Fortunately, I have a last-minute save. Today UPS delivered 2 sets of 2 Tiki-brand island king torches I had ordered for the backyard, and we like them so much we will be presenting a set to G for his birthday and ordering another 3 sets for us to utilize around our pool and backyard. It’s completely practical, almost impersonal birthday gift, but at least it’s something I know he and K can and will use this summer during barbeques and parties outside.

But I am still throwing money at the problem. He can then go forth and buy anything else he’d really enjoy, or use it in Santa Cruz this weekend.

I cannot believe I almost forgot his birthday gift. It is so unlike me, and I will chalk it up to all the home improvement work we have been doing and planning the past few weeks. We are taking them (G, K, and C – A has to work) to dinner tomorrow night. I have that on my phone, M has it post-it noted on his iPad, so I know we will not forget that.

2 thoughts on “Mom failure alert

  1. LOL- Ah Ms. J …”throwing money at it” made me giggle. Only because it’s true. Even when we’ve purchased something for one of our kids, let’s say concert tickets for a concert 4 months before said birthday as a gift, we end up buying something small.for them to actually open on said birthday, even though they had their gift already 😉 Here’s wishing G a happy birthday tomorrow…i for one would love new tiki torches (truly) and some mad money!

    • Thanks, IsMe! We also buy dinner, of course, and we’re going to some hip, urban eatery that the kids love. The kids actually don’t care about gifts anymore; it’s dinner that is the big deal.

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