Happy birthday, G!

My “baby” turned 28 today. It does not exactly make me feel old, but it is a huge reminder that time marches on whether I like it or not.

We are taking the birthday boy out for dinner, with K and C (A has to work). I am enormously proud of him for the man he has grown into. He has been on his own a few years now and made the transition with only only our support, periodic advice about cooking (seriously, he had to be desperate to consult me about cooking, but I was enormously flattered anyway), and filing his tax returns (I still review them before he files). Considering recent horrible stories about men treating women poorly in dating interactions, I am pleased my kid has attracted a quality partner in K, knows to treat her with respect and affection, and that their relationship is flourishing.

Happy birthday, G. Your mom and stepdad love you to pieces.

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