I am not speak of their accents, although the Indian gentleman who did our phone and internet changeover had a charming accent. It’s the technical language they speak that makes me feel like the incredible shrinking woman. Thankfully its only temporary, and eventually, after phone calls to and from our IT support guys and our phone system support firm, I was reassured all would be well and working. Only it wasn’t. Except it does not.

Comcast did not tell me I needed to have a phone system guy available to make our equipment work upon cutting over from our prior phone provider. The installer was to arrive between 8 and noon today, and I found out that I needed a phone guy here at 8:10 a.m. Comcast installer was in my office 5 minutes later. Phone system firm did not have anyone available to come out and cut over our system, but I could call back after the cutover was complete and probably get the on-call guy once our phones were completely down. Of course, that service visit is significantly more costly, but what could I do? I waited until the cutover was completely and placed a “system down” call to get a technician. He arrived 30 minutes after my phone call and an hour later his part was done.

Except it is NEVER that simple.

Phone guy found that after doing his magic, one wire – the one to our main telephone line naturally – was not in the right spot on the Comcast equipment and therefore not connecting or ringing here when dialed. And because of the territorial nature of these things, phone guy is not allowed to touch Comcast stuff and cannot just fix it. *sigh* Phone call to Comcast installer’s supervisor to come out and plug in this one little wire so my phones will work.

IT guy arrives as phone guy is finishing up and does his stuff, labels his equipment, and assures me all is working now with our new faster internet. And miraculously, it IS indeed working. Just as IT guy finishes up, Comcast supervisor calls me back and is coming from across town (about a 45 minute drive) for the 5 minute fix and test to make our phones work.

So it is now 3:30 p.m., and I have been dealing with these technical workman types since 8:15 this morning. Now that the Comcast supervisor has fixed the wire issue and allowed our phones to work, it is almost time to call it a day and break open a coke. No lunch, because I had to be here to talk to the technicians. Hopefully M remembered to turn on the crockpot, or we are having pizza for dinner again.

Tomorrow I hope to return to my regular accounting and work-related programming and not have to pray for simple translations into the english I speak.

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