As G and C have gotten older and established their own households, gift giving has become even more of a challenge. Their jobs seem to require a uniform of sorts – C with scrubs and G with athletic gear and running shoes – so clothes are more specialized and possibly enjoyed less than once upon a time. G also gets his stuff at a deep discount in his own store, and C has very specific places she shops for her scrubs. For years now money and gift cards have been the preferred gift, but always with something to unwrap for the occasion. As time passes shopping has become less and less an enjoyable event, so going out there blindly without ideas is not much fun for me.

For G’s birthday I gave him a pair of outdoor tiki lanterns, which he and K are enjoying. During our dinner he mentioned changing direction from growing an avocado tree to a lime tree because of the sunnier spot he and K plan to place it. Last Friday M and I were grocery shopping at Costco and ran across citrus trees, including limes. Texted a pic to G and he replied immediately (from Santa Cruz no less) wanting to know where it was located and the cost. Happy birthday, I texted back, and M and I purchased it for him.

Thus far in 2015, I’m 1/1 on finding excellent birthday gifts. My son appreciated my half-baked efforts and texted the evidence.

3/11/2015 - G's tiki torches in action.
3/11/2015 – G’s tiki torches in action.
3/19/2015 - G's lime tree in it's new home.
3/19/2015 – G’s lime tree in it’s new home.

And finally … gratuitous cat pic.

3/17/2015 - Small box, big cat, perfect fit. Simon lounging in the box of birdseed mix.
3/17/2015 – Small box, big cat, perfect fit. Simon lounging in the box of birdseed mix.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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