I have a confession – I had to unfriend M on Facebook.

My account is recent and is primarily to keep up with my kids and their frequent event photos. A lot of times they text pictures to me in the moment, but frequently there is more shared on FB. So I finally broke down and set up a profile, adding my kids, their significant others, my husband, and probably other friends as we move along. I do myself do not post much; I have too many other avenues of communication that I enjoy and prefer to maintain.

Except I have had to un-friend M. Yep, we broke up on FB.

He’s into cars and running groups and political discussions. He and his group of contacts tend to post a lot. It was becoming much too cluttery on topics of minimal for me, especially since I hear about it directly from M every single day.

He understands. He gets that it’s me, not him. But still, it feels like it should bother us more than it does. I guess I am more realistic and grown-up than I want to admit. We are still happily married, and our real-life conversations are far more valuable and interesting than anything either of us have going on online.

Still, it might have been nice if he had actually noticed. Ah well. Life as we have always known it continues.

9 thoughts on “We broke up!

  1. You could have kept his as a friend and just “unfollowed” him. Then he wouldn’t show up in your news feed but you could still go to his page if you wanted.

    1. Really? I haven’t had much interest in FB and not explored it at all. We joke about it, but I may have to find some time and generate some interest to learn more about how it works. Either that or ask my kids next time I see them.

  2. I was going to say the same thing – you can just unfollow him and not see all his posts. I do that with a few friends….mostly those that have gotten into MLM marketing and bombard their personal facebook with trying to sell their stuff. Or the friend (in his 50’s) that fell in instant love with some woman he met (that lives halfway across the country) through facebook. Their constant (like every few hours) posting of love messages to each other was driving me insane.

  3. Yeah I have also put people in an “acquaintance” category versus friends and then my status updates only go to friends. It’s a way to not have to unfriend someone (when they might notice) but ensure your news doesn’t get to them.

    And I also make it a habit of never adding guys I date to Facebook. Only twice – once before I knew better (the giant) and johnny Id. My ex just joined and he hasn’t friended me yet, which is just as well 🙂

  4. Good for you. I actually gave FB a few years ago but keep the account to keep up on friends as well as make sure that what my kidlets post is appropriate. I admit I like to sometimes watch the feel good videos that people post etc. That said, my privacy settings are set in which no one can see my timeline unless I explicitly grant someone permission etc.

    1. I already find it to be an amazing time-suck. I like seeing what my kids and their friends posts – it’s lovely to see the kids they grew up with now adults and a few with children of their own. M constantly shares with me the cute videos he finds, particularly those with animals, but I have not stomach for watching people crash into things or do stupid stuff that ends badly.

      1. exactly. I like the human interest stories and the cute animal stories too. Oh and of course the “small houses” or beautiful pools etc. I stay away from politics, violence, “accidents” on purpose and the like 😉

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