Off and on for the past month I have been having strange tooth pain. It’s been relatively intense and across various teeth with a throbbing pain in the gums and sensitivity to heat and cold, even teeth where I have had previous root canal work. The strangest part was it roamed around, lingering just long enough to make me feel like a call to the dentist is in order, only to have it cease to bother me a few hours later or by the next day.

For the past week I have been living with increasing pain in my lower right molar area, so much so that I called the dentist on Tuesday and have been taking motrin throughout the day to deal with the consistent and painful throbbing and sensitivity. It’s gotten so bad that I have been watching the clock for when the 5 hours would be over so I could take another motrin, which is completely unlike me.

I guess I have been mostly suffering in silence, until I mentioned to M last night how much that part of my mouth had been hurting, and could it possibly be related to allergies? I had had the ear on that side get clogged, along with the right sinus being swollen and making my face hurt in the morning – all typical for this time of year with those damn pink and white flower trees blooming everywhere around me. M, being extraordinarily up on supplements and such, suggested I might be low on various minerals. Today the pain has become so consistent and so random all over the place I was willing to try taking a calcium/bone supplement to see if it helps.

You know, I hate it when he’s right.

We had to go out and buy a specific one for me, because I will choke if I tried to down the horse pills he takes every day. I did some research and found these dainty little normal size tablets (that I have to take 6 of to his 3) that I can easily swallow. I took 3 this evening before dinner, and maybe it psychological, but the pain in my teeth and my jaw has faded away. It’s still a little sensitive, but nothing like I have been living with and popping motrin to get through the days.

Yes, I hate it when he’s right, especially about supplements, because I have resisted his vitamin advocacy for years and years. M is an avid supplement researcher and experimenter; it’s almost like recreational drug use for the health conscious. This time, I will be gracious in defeat, allowing him the win and the gloating, I-told-you-so rights. I am so happy not to be feeling that painful heartbeat in my jaw and teeth.

I am still seeing the dentist for my exam on Tuesday, but now I’m hoping it will just be an exam, not an expensive I-am-in-pain-and-don’t-care-about-cost-just-make-it-stop appointment.

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