While I appreciated M’s suggestion on calcium for my teeth pain, it’s not working anymore. I have an appointment with my dentist on Tuesday, but I also called my doc on Friday. I have not felt sick or feverish, but I have been having pain in my sinuses and periods where it felt like an ice pick up my nose, in my ear, and poking me through the eye. Combined with th ear pain and the severe hay fever season that comes with the lovely spring weather, I thought there might be something going on. He did as well, and called me in a prescription for antibiotics, with the caveat that I would call and come see him on Monday if I am not feeling better. I was really hopeful, but sadly, I am not feeling better.

The tooth pain is not specific to one particular tooth; it was the lower jaw most of last week, but it’s now my upper jaw and one particular tooth. I’m tired, have little appetite, and living on basic comfort foods of oatmeal, peanut butter toast, and KFC fried chicken. Plus lots of water and M has kindly made me fresh squeezed juice. As sick person diets it’s not bad; my blood sugar is mostly staying low and I have dropped 4 lbs. in a week with no exercise since Tuesday.

Still, I would prefer to feel better and do battle with regular diet and exercise. I will make an appointment with my doc in the morning.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

4 thoughts on “Down and out

  1. I’ve been suffering from sinus/allergy pain on and off for some time. A few weeks ago was particularly miserable. Pain under my eyes/near my jaw. Ick!

    1. It’s awful while we’re enduring it. The strangest part to me is that I’ve lived in this area my whole life and it’s only gotten worse as the years pass.

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