I am feeling much better this morning and back at work. I suppose a weekend of staying inside most of the time and sleeping a lot more than normal is as much a part of curing illness as the antibiotics I am taking. Either way, the ear/sinus/eye/tooth pain is lessened to completely relieved this morning. Thankfully. Breathing normally from both nostrils no longer seems like a far-off dream.

In our local school districts this is spring break week, which means my part-time admin has jiggered her schedule to Thursday and Friday, when her husband is home to keep an eye on the kids. Part of my really appreciates the flexibility of our small firm, yet another part of me really resents how she takes it for granted. Unfortunately the local owner is a bit of a pushover and allows it to continue. Then again, my negative feelings about it also relate to my own tendencies toward workaholism, which while I view it as very balanced, I have been criticized for it enough to have it be a bit of a sore spot for me. That said, I have worked in consulting firms exclusively for 25+ years and have been rewarded for my constancy. I have on two occasions in this time period cancelled planned vacations, but the circumstances were extraordinary and M and I were not excited about the vacation plans in the first place.

But since many of our friends are self-employed or work in civil service of some sort, my typical 60 hour work week seems horrendous. However, I also have 2 part-time jobs that I do from home and that I actually really enjoy, so it seems less like work most of the time and more like a hobby that compensates me. M is accustomed to my how much I work, and he has plenty of hobbies and things to do around the house to not feel neglected when I’m planted in front of my computer working on spreadsheets for hours at a stretch.

I am anticipating a mostly quiet week, yet there are a few nagging details and projects on my desk that I must finish and get off my to-do list. Things like phone and copier leases, difficult clients that need help understanding their paperwork (typically something my admin does), and staffing-related documentation for the first quarter of the year. I don’t know how I managed to overlook that, but tomorrow is end of the first quarter and the owners will be expecting reports on Wednesday, and I have not even started. Ugh. One of my least favorite tasks, always put off until the last possible moment and then resented for the time it consumes.

On a brighter note, M was cajoled (read: nagged, guilted, bitched at and into … whatever negative-sounding wifely term comes to mind) into installing our kitchen sink faucet set yesterday. We have had the replacement for over a month, and the prior one was leaking furiously all over the place. In my not feeling well state yesterday I was rather snappish about when he was going to install it, and to his credit M very calmly agreed that he could see what he could do with it yesterday afternoon. It took a couple of hours and required him to cut off the prior unit, but installing the new set took only about 20 minutes. Working under the sink is not fun and requires use of muscles in a different way, so M would take frequent breaks to give his knees or his back or his arms a break. I actually did not care how long it took; I just wanted it installed or attempted to be installed. After it was all done, he was quite pleased with himself, and I am over the moon at no longer having a minor flood every time I need water in the kitchen.

We may still need to contact a plumber, though, because one of the valves seems to be leaking intermittently and should be replaced. While he is here M would also like to have him install the reverse osmosis system we have purchased, and I am fine with that. The only reason I had not contacted the plumber about the faucet set was M seemed very gung-ho to install it himself when we first discovered the faucet problem. We apparently miscommunicated, because M was thinking we would just add that to the plumber’s list. Had I known that was what he wanted to do, the faucet would have been installed weeks ago, before I had opportunity to get sick, get frustrated, and get bitchy about it. All is well now, though.

The weather here is creep up into the 80s this week. Hopefully the trees will finish there blooming and pollen-spreading activities and I can return to a normal breathing state. At least I can function and work today, though, so I will be happy with that.

3 thoughts on “New week, new headaches

      1. Good!!!!!!!!!! I happy now! Lots of people can get really messed up from antibiotics. I think my issues stemmed from oveuse as a kid, sometimes twice a year!

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