We are not members of any church or especially observant of religious holidays, but it is Easter Sunday so I texted the kids last night to say if they had no plans for the day I was making roast beast. A last-minute invitation, for sure, but so typical of me that the kids would not be offended. G replied that he forgot to extend an invitation to us for bbq chicken, so I readily agreed to that. After some back-and-forth, though, he realized it is supposed to rain today (fingers crossed) and he and K do not have adequate indoor seating for 6 people. Plans changed, dinner is now roast beast at our house. Great! I also texted C to let her know that I’d make a pan of lasagna as well; she is not a fan of beef and potatoes, and A does not like lasagna. G and K like both, so there will be plenty of food and leftovers.

This change in direction resulted in a last-minute grocery store run last night, for potatoes and for lasagna cheese. My lack of advance planning is pretty typical, but I was surprised to see several people asking about easter baskets. At 9:30 p.m. the day before Easter. It was a painful reminder of a particular easter many years ago, when I was so broke and had very little cash for a last-minute easter basket fillings shopping trip. We were just getting serious about our massive credit card debt and having to severely cut expenses. Easter was super thin that year – a small mug filled with jelly beans and a small chocolate bunny – and I overheard my oldest joking with her siblings that “there was no money for that.” It crushed me, truly hurt my feelings, and my quick response that I could certainly return her gift to the easter bunny if she did not appreciate it. She was maybe 7 at the time, and she looked stricken when she saw my tears of hurt, frustration, self-loathing. It was the first of many faltering steps on the way to financial balance, but this many years later, it was well worth it. Both my kids have better relationships with money than I did at their age.

G and K are bringing rolls, C and A are bring pie or some sort of dessert. It will be a lovely meal.

I seem to have finally turned the corner on the allergies. The zyrtec seems to be keeping the pressure down and I can function and sleep at the appropriate times while taking it. Since I am gearing up for bigger projects at all 3 of my jobs this month, I need a clear head to stay focused.

But not today.

It’s Easter Sunday and the family – all 6 of us – are coming together for a meal. So the crockpot is going, sauce is defrosting for lasagna, and I need to shower and clean up around here. Yes, it’s just my kids and they grew up in a much more chaotically lived in household, but I need to run the vacuum and pick up anyway. I am going to bake some cookies to go in lieu of chocolate bunnies this year.

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