The concrete crew was at the house this morning to seal our new surfaces. M says they finished pressure washing and said they would be back around 12:30. At 1:30 M texted me about it, saying he guesses they meant 12:30 tomorrow. I replied that they are on contractor time. You know, that mysterious calendar and clock that does not quite line up with customary expectations of appointment times and dates for the rest of us mere mortals.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we generally like the people we hire to do projects that last longer than a day. If we did not like them as people or at least get a good vibe from them we would not be working with them, plain and simple. When their pricing is fair or better and their work of good quality, we are willing to cut them a lot of slack. With this crew, we have grown accustomed to their quirks and it seldom worries us. They will probably be back tomorrow, probably at 7:30 in the morning since M is expecting them after lunch, because that’s just how they roll.

I do feel fortunate and blessed that M is at home to manage these things, because dealing directly with contractor time makes me PMS-level cranky. Of the two of us, I am far more inclined to be Type A all the time, whereas M has short, focused periods when immersed in a project. With just about everything home-related he is far more patient. Me, not so much. On the few occasions I have been the one to be at home waiting for Comcast or appliance delivery or the like I am on the phone and looking for my technician or equipment once the arrival/delivery window has expired. Since my time is generally committed somewhere, using PTO to be at home translates to wasting a precious resource waiting on the cable guy to show up.

Ah well. Maybe tomorrow the concrete will be sealed and that project done. They told us it was a 2 day job, and on that their estimates have been 100% accurate. But will it be 2 consecutive days or will they just be back some other day? With the mysteries of contractor time, we can only wait. And hope.

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