On my commute to work this morning I was thinking about the things I love. Simple things. Complicated things. Obvious things, like my husband, my kids, those darn cats. But really, it was the little stuff, obscure things that probably only meaningful to me for whatever reason. As it is going to be a good and great day today (no matter what!), I thought I would share a few with you.

  • C’s restrained excitement. My daughter can be enthusiastic about many things, but she is more like her father in that she is less effusive than I am when truly excited about something. Yesterday she had her background check for a new and much better job, 2 weeks after the offer was extended and accepted (I guess these things take time to schedule). After puzzling over why she had to be fingerprinted again (they are on file from when she was initially licensed), last night she was only a few days away from giving notice at her present job. As of 8:20 this morning, she is now cleared to give notice and her start date is as soon as she can make it happen. Her text was almost giddy with joy, yet a lot more muted than my own would be in a similar situation. Celebrating our differences – I love that.
  • G’s evolution into domesticity. My son has never been much of a homebody with regard to cooking, cleaning, yard maintenance, etc. He has been on his own long enough to learn to cook basic meals and keep his household out of the toxic waste zone of mess. However, I have noted subtle changes in attitude and interest this past year since he and K moved into their rental home together. They have settled into a routine of sharing cooking and cleaning and working on their yard. They have done some simple landscaping, planted his lime tree, now they have peppers and tomatoes and other vegetables in the ground and growing. He speaks highly of his newly acquired grilling skills and has even taken to sharing recipes he/they have discovered that I would like. I love that my son has grown up into a man who wants to be a full partner in his relationship and that his is happy.
  • A small contingent of our concrete crew is back today to seal our new surfaces. They were going to do this a couple of weeks ago, but it was too windy, then it rained. Today, however, is sunny and calm, so they surprised us by showing up at 8 a.m. this morning and firing up the power washer. They do not come to the door; they just quietly get what they need and get started, not disturbing us until they need a question answered or something else. M was mildly put out by the unexpectedness of it, but he likes the crew and we both want this work done, so he threw on some clothes and went outside to move the cars. He was fretting about lunch before he left – we had nothing prepared – and by the time I left he had resolved that bbq sandwiches from the local place (that now delivers!) would work. I love my husband’s flexibility – there are so many situations where it does not come naturally for either of us.
  • Those fluffbuckets, on the deck this morning giving me the “we so hungry!” look and then the “where’s the treats?” look when I set out the kibble and wet food. Spoiled, they are, SPOILED! I was firm, though; no treats until after they eat regular food. But dang, it is so HARD being a pet parent. I watched for a minute from the safety of the kitchen and sure enough, as soon as I was out of sight they started in on the food I left out for them. When I left for work they were lounging around, watching the birds and the squirrels, waiting for the door to open and the treats to appear. I love those cats. They are spoiled and they are CATS (I have always been a dog person), but they enhance our lives in completely unimagined ways.
  • Blogging – I have come to love the process of blogging. It surprises me. I have always loved reading other blogs, commenting when I have something constructive to say, and now I have my own blog and my own comments, and it feels as if the world is suddenly a much larger and far more interesting place. What started out as a way to keep in better broadcast touch with both online and real life friends and family has evolved into a process I selfishly enjoy. It’s not that my life is so enthralling or my adventures so note-worthy. In fact, it is probably because my life is so … ordinary … that it seems extraordinary that anyone reads and/or comments or even likes. I almost cried last week when I was looking for something and realized there were 160 people following my blog. I mean, I never thought I would develop any sort of a following, maybe my kids and a few of my online and far-away friends. But it’s been gratifying. Every comment, every like, every new blog I discover that way. It’s been a wonderful, addictive-in-good-ways experience. Thank you.

This is just a simple list, the lowest hanging fruit of things I love, because it’s always going to be M, my kids, our pets, and even the whole blogging process. The list is obviously going to be different for everyone. The last few weeks, as I have been going through my cycle of negativity, I realize how easy it is to identify and ruminate on all that is soul-destroying in it’s natural, bad, disliked state. “Focus on the positive” has been repeated so often it has become a cliche. If that were easy, if that were normal, if that were even natural for the majority of the population, it would not be a mantra for change. That does not make it any less true. Or effective in practice.

Please join me in having a fantastic Thursday, no matter what.

5 thoughts on “Things I love

    1. What a nice thing to say – THANK YOU! I do tend to write the way I would speak in conversation, and I think of the typos and grammatical errors as the equivalent of my verbal “you know” fillers. Still, THANK YOU! What a nice, uplifting comment to my good Thursday.

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