This week my daily blood sugar readings have been creeping upward. Steadily. Steathily. Agonizingly, point by point. I have not been below 190 since Monday morning (when I should be 150 or less). Tonight before eating dinner, it was 306. WTF?

No, I have not been sinning big or even sinning little. I have been taking my meds on time and have not missed a dose. I have been eating very cleanly – protein, vegetables, severely limited carbs, no big baddie troubling sodas or candy or junk food. I have exercised every morning for at least 45 minutes and kept my heart rate up into the fat burning zone for 30 to 35 of those minutes. I did Bikram yoga 3 times this week and that always feels like I should be literally sweating my ass off. And this is the results I get?

Time for a visit with my doc.

Type 2 diabetes is so maddening. When I eat crap I expect this sort of thing, but I have been being careful and watching every bite of food that enters my mouth. I thought for sure it would be better and going down, down, down. I was wrong.

Ugh. Now I cannot even call for the appointment until Monday. Maybe it’s stress? I remember not consuming anything but water for 5 straight days in 2013 before and after surgery and having blood sugar over 300. It was ridiculous, but being in the hospital can do that. I do not feel particularly stressed right now, but maybe. I am grasping for explanations and my doc is out of reach until Monday.

I am off on a neighborhood walk-about with my neighbor. Hopefully the citronella soap I have just showered with will keep the mosquitos at bay. The downside of spring. Maybe losing a little blood to those hungry buggers will help? The theory cannot be any more far-fetched that this whole diet-and-exercise thing I’m working.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend.

4 thoughts on “Having WTF?!?!! moments

  1. Oh I am so familiar with this treadmill. I had years of exercising only to watch my BS levels go up. Eating right and still having high BS. Stress is very much a trigger – and it lasts – not just that moment in time. And eating less can cause your body to dump sugar. It is such a balancing act. Don’t be afraid to ask about different meds to see if something else works better. Lot more options available. I’ll think good thoughts for you on this – I know it is tough.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and pep talk – I appreciate it more than I can express. i am about a week shy of an official 3 months for blood tests, but I’m going tomorrow to get it done so we have something to talk about when I get in to see him. I’m also going to ask the lab if they can have a meter to do a quick test so I can compare with my meter. If they don’t I’ll get some solution to test and ensure it’s work properly.

  2. Yea, there are other things that drive your blood sugar up. Inflammation is one of my enemies. I had to cut down my workout routine because I was going to hard at it. Another culprit is cholesterol medication. I don’t take that anymore, eat lots of good fats, eggs, butter and a lot of things we are warned about and since then my cholesterol numbers have been excellent. I hope you find your way back.

    1. Thanks for your comment. At this point I have no idea what is going on, except that I will be spending some quality time sooner than expected with my doctor. I do not feel as if I am working out too hard; most of the time I am not sure I am actually working hard enough. But anything is possible, I suppose. We’ll see what this morning’s blood tests reveal and what the doc has to suggest next.

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