M and I are considering adopting another pet. *sigh*

Yes, I cannot believe I am typing that, but we are starting the conversation. What brought this on, you ask? Well, the fluffbuckets are wonderful – we are completely smitten. They remain in good health, but truth is they are getting older, and I am not completely clear on how long cats live. They are presently 6, 8, and 9, which means what? We have no idea. The vet says they are in good health, and we thankfully cart them home without further worry or concern. Mostly, anyway.

All three of the boys are outside cats. They never come in, and there is no way I could cope with the endless about of hair fluff all over the place. Yet I admit wishing for an indoor/outdoor cat that might be inside sometimes. The idea of a litterbox does not thrill me AT ALL. But we could and would adjust, for the right animal. Finding that elusive right fit is going to be the source of our drama.

As I said, we are considering it. Nothing even voiced too loudly. But if we go that direction, we’d likely get an young adult cat from a shelter or rescue.

Or maybe just go for a dog instead. We have always thought we would like a puppy, but truth is we would be just as happy with a young adult or adult dog with some life left in him/her. Again, rescue or shelter animal with short hair.

We don’t know. We are just starting the conversation. I think I am feeling old and older and sort of wishing for some other or additional companionship. M as well. The dog appeals because she could be a running buddy for M, and while he would love a tiny dog, I want at least a medium sized beast that could be an inside/outside family member.

It’s a huge decision, one we do not take lightly. So we are talking about, only in brief, whispered conversations. But I know the idea is growing on me, and I suspect the discussion will soon be broader and more detailed. I am just not sure I want the additional responsibility.

At least I can enjoy and appreciate the cats we have right now. I am a planner in most areas of my life, including whether or not to expand our family unit. I do not want something to happen to one of our existing fluffbuckets and choose unwisely in a state of grief.

6 thoughts on “Pets

  1. Dogs are more work but you probably know that already if you’ve ever had a dog. You can’t just leave for the weekend and put down food and refill a litter box.
    But then again, dogs will give you more gratification.

    We have always gotten our dogs from shelters, no puppies, always those older dogs that everyone else passes by.
    I like “Huas” Chihuahuas and Hubs likes Hounds. Poodles are good if you have allergies.
    Border collies and that lot need too much attention for us….they have to be busy all the time because they are so intelligent. If you don’t keep them busy they get into things.
    OTOH Irish Setters are the stupidest dogs on the planet(the cranium was bred too small so there is little space for a brain).lol
    Rescue grey hounds make good pets I have heard but no experience with them.

    Cats are long lived unless they develop feline Leukemia. My brother had a cat that lived to almost 30. 20 is normal I hear.

    1. If I could find a rescue greyhound nearby I think M would be meeting and greeting every single possible moment. He has long thought a greyhound would be good for us – he with his running and me just because I like dogs. There is a couple nearby that has a very cute pair of italian greyhouds (they are smaller) that are just super sweet, so we would be happy with those as well. I think the point for us is SHORT HAIR – the reason our present big-haired fluffy butts do not come inside is because of their coats. I’ve been brushing them lately, and after their initial resistance – screaming and clawing anyone? – they have found the process rather soothing. It is for me – no more big tufts of fuzz all over the deck. Back to just regular amounts of hair.

  2. Cats can live very long lives – we had one (who was both indoor/outdoor) who lived 19 years! Our current old grump of a cat is 14 now. I can’t stand cleaning litter boxes either, so all of our cats have been indoor/outdoor. He pretty much sleeps inside all day and likes to go out at night and then is waiting at the door to come back in in the morning.

    1. That’s reassuring! I’ve never actually had a cat … until we adopted these three we have now. I’ve been too afraid to ask the vet how long they typically live, mostly out of fear he’d say they were already overdue on the lifeline.

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