I hate exercise. I do it, because it’s mandatory for overall good health, but I really don’t love it all that much.

I enjoy the work I do for the various jobs I have, but the biggest physical challenge of them is to not put my butt to sleep while performing them 8, 9, 10 hours per day. I get up, I move around, I drink water, but I can tell you from my various experiments with step/movement trackers that it’s inadequate. From M’s increasing concern over the bruising on left leg, he knows I am not getting up and around enough and that I have the habit of crossing my legs while sitting at my desk.

He brought up his concerns in stronger terms on Saturday morning, just as I was sitting down at my desk to start in on a couple of projects for my part-time jobs. We briefly discussed standing and treadmill desks, and I realized he is absolutely right. Sitting at my desk working on my computer is my job, but I should get a standing desk solution or better still, the treadmill desk.

Within half an hour I had reviewed some bookmarked blogs and forums where people mentioned treadmill desks. By the time M was finished skimming the pool and preparing to leave for his run I had the choices narrowed to a couple of models and a local source that might have one on display to test drive. Saturday afternoon we came home with this:

4/20/2015 - My new home workstation.
4/20/2015 – My new home workstation.

After having it up and in place for only about 18 hours now, I am still learning adjusting to walking and typing. My productivity has dropped dramatically, and forgive me for any excess typos in this post. I am presently walking at about 1 mph while typing this post (in jeans and running sneakers). At the time I took this picture I had been at my desk about 15 minutes reading email and walking 0.4 mph (still in my pajamas and flip flops).

4/20/2015 -  Almost 17 minutes and 845 steps.
4/20/2015 – Almost 17 minutes and 845 steps.

This is still new to me and I may end up hating it as much as i hate regular exercise, but probably not. Already I am discovering a cadence to typing and writing while walking along, something I hope that will continue. Doing accounting, writing, using my adding machine … that type of work is a different challenge. But it feels like I am finding the right pace and rhythm for the work. My desktop is generously sized, yet forces me to keep minimal amounts of crap on it while working. That in itself is a good thing.

This is an expensive desk at $1626.43 ($1499 plus 8% sales tax), one I doubt I can write off on my taxes. However, it is an investment in my long-term health and wellness, assuming I do not fall off and injure myself. I see enormous potential for positive impact from the zillions of hours I spend working at home, socializing online, even watching videos. Even very slow, steady walking is far better for me than spending those hours sitting, And thinking every so often to uncross my legs.

12 thoughts on “Blogging and walking – my new treadmill desk

  1. I was thinking about getting one of those pedaling things you can use sitting down. I can’t go full on walking desk because of back problems if I stand too long.
    Hey! Whatever works I say…..

  2. I have a VariDesk at work – I can sit or stand at will. Don’t think I am coordinated enough for the walking one

    1. Do you find yourself standing more while working? I’m finding my inner coordinated person, but as I said, it’s been barely 24 hours and I’m still figuring it out.

  3. Oh my gosh! That’s awesome, but I have to be honest… i’d prob smash my face off the desk and end up with a broken nose and 2 chipped front teeth! hahaha!! Graceful I am not! 😉

    1. I tested it pretty exhaustively in the store. I brought my own laptop and typed and read stored documents and had it running the whole time. The key seems to be finding the pace that works, and it’s more like a shuffle along rather than actual walking. But it’s been 2 days and 10,000+ steps per day, no crashes or accidents as yet, and it seems to be agreeing with me. I have a reminder on my calendar to report back on my progress in 30 days.

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