I’m taking next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off to regain some work/non-work balance. It has been severely out of whack lately toward the work side of the equation.

No particular plans, other than both medical and dental appointments on Wednesday afternoon. I would like to work on some household decluttering/organizing that never seems to get completely done on the weekends, although M is feeling like we should go somewhere, do something, have FUN. It is the usual difference in the ways we think, and since these are my days off, I feel like I should get to choose how I want to spend them.

At home. Cleaning out from the house/garage/storage unit.

On the surface that sounds like the work/non-work status quo continues, but I find myself relaxing and feeling accomplished as I cross things off my very long to-do list. Summer is coming, our social calendar is starting to perk next month, and June is jammed, including hosting several runner people for a week to 18 days in June/July. We must get ourselves organized or it’s going to be a mad-dash to prepare for guests and I will be stressed out and unhappy. Several of our guests are from Europe and have stayed with us previously, but a few of them are new-to-us. We have met them, happily invited them to stay, yet for my particular brand of hosting anxiety, I will not relax until they are here and I have a firm grasp of what they need to be comfortable in our home. With that in mind, I am sure M’s enthusiasm for me being home a few days is going to wilt under the long list of preparations I feel are in order.

M tends to be a planner for leaving the house in that he carries so much “just in case” crap it is simply ridiculous. However, for staying home, he’s much more free-spirited and fly-by-the-seat of his pants. Vegans in the house? Oh, we can just run out to the store and buy more food if needed. Ummmmm … NO. Let’s be smarter and ask them in advance if there are any staples I should have on hand, any allergies, any other special needs so I am not running to the store every single day for one or two items. How about we plan in advance for the air mattresses and linens we need to borrow for the extra people this year? Let’s make a plan for getting the camping cots for the back deck and tents from storage for any overages. And while we’re at it – let’s finish cleaning out and organizing the garage and little house so we have room to store some of this stuff in there rather than in the storage unit.

As for food, we are diligently working our way through eating from the freezers (we have 3 refridgerators and 1 chest freezer … yes, it is just the 2 of us most of the time) and the pantry. By the time our guests start arriving I’ll be ready to do major shopping trips at Costco and Sam’s Club for a major restock, stocking up on everything.

I am both exhausted and exhilirated thinking about it. My anxiety is alleviated by planning and lists for such major undertakings. As this is our sixth year hosting visitors, it gets better and easier each time.

Plus we really need to decide and acquire the bigger bbq. We have a small webber that works great for the two of us, but we have been discussing a replacement wood bbq for months now and need to just go out and decide on something and buy it.

2 thoughts on “What to do with a few days off

  1. I’m the same way. I feel very accomplished with cleaning/organizing. I totally plan a garage date in May!!

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