The past few days my thoughts have been scattered far and wide. Work has been busy, as it always is just before I take a few well-deserved days off. Home has been busy as well, with plotting and planning and thinking about all I would like to get done in 5 days and bracing myself for some disappointment in not crossing the finish line 100% successful. I know that when Wednesday evening comes and I am mentally and practically preparing to return to the office on Thursday, I will be satisfied with our accomplishments, whatever we end up completing.

Thinking about my growing lists I have had to consider what I want to get done and what I need to be done during these days. Prioritizing my to-do lists, I suppose.

M and I ventured back to Costco last night, because in our previous trip this week we forgot to look at bbq grills, a primary task for that shopping adventure and yet another prime example of what happens to us when we fail to write things down. This is primarily M’s decision, because I am not the one who uses the grill nor do I mind food cooked on a propane or charcoal grill; he is fussy about taste and really wanted a wood grill. While out and about Christmas shopping last year we saw a lovely red grill at Sears that he really liked. We went back to see it last weekend and were greatly disappointed by reality. Whether we remembered it differently (holiday magic perhaps?) or if the quality and workmanship have deteriorated in the months between then and now, we decided against that one and broadened our search to other brands and styles of grills, specifically the Traeger and the egg-shaped one that I feel looks more like an avacado than an egg. Costco had a Traeger, Green Acres next door had the avacado, so we figured we would go and take a look at both and then decide. We are feeling the pressure, because our summer social season is kicking off next weekend and M really wants to grill.

Neither of us liked the egg/avacado that much and the size we want/need made it extravagantly expensive. Probably it makes really excellent tasting food, but it just did not appeal to either of us. Costco has a Traeger that is just about perfect in size and had all the features M desired. So we bought it. I thought M would want to return with the truck – the box is pretty big – but he was sure it would fit in the back of his car (2007 CRV).

Let me just say right now we are both well beyond stupid sometimes. Only sometimes; we are not complete idiots – which implies we are stupid all the time – but we are really, really dumb at critical moments. The bbq box did fit in the back door of the CRV, but with the way we had the seats folded it would not let the door close and required M climb into the back, lift the box over and onto the back of the folded seats while I pushed from the other. Even then jammed in there as far as it would go, the back door barely closed. Had we thought about it advance of trying to load it, we could have taken the extra 5 minutes to figure out how the back seat folded flat, thus fitting the box in there neatly and cleanly without the drama and angst we experienced. As I said, we are stupid sometimes. But we learn! Once we got home, got the box unloaded onto a furniture dolly and wheeled into the backyard, we figured out the cryptic pictures and learned how to fold up the back seats.

So now we have the grill. We are systematically furnishing the backyard, and our purchases have been planned and budgeted. It’s still kind of disconcerting to spend money all at once this way this way, and now we are also considering a picnic table we saw on display. It’s a little longer and is supposed to seat 8 people. We sat down at it. We figured out how to fold it up and did so, then restored it to the way we found it. We sat back down and chatted with other customers looking at it. From prior experiences hosting a group of guests, having parties with family and friends during the summer, we know the table and the bbq will be put to good use. But this time I am ordering the table online and having it delivered. M and I could certainly go out with the truck to purchase it, but why when it’s free shipping?

These are wants, pure and simple. Planned wants, but wants all the same. We are pretty excited about it, though. While I do not love enertaining – it’s a lot of work! – I do love having the kids, their friends and ours over for potluck-style cookouts and swimming in the summer. The bbq ensures we have something to grill on and the picnic table enough seating for everyone.

I am off to order the table before I change my mind again.

2 thoughts on “Springtime wants

  1. I’m sure you guys will get lots of use and enjoyment out of both purchases! We use our bbq we bought about a year and a half ago all the time in the summer – mostly just to bbq dinner for ourselves, but usually use it at least a couple times a week.

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