We have crested and experienced a new first – M and I purchased plants today. Flowering plants. Our front yard remains a mess of red dirt and beautiful new concrete, but we now have a hanging basket of flowers in front and a pot of flowers next to the front door.

04/26/2015 - Our new flower pot and actual flowers.
04/26/2015 – Our new flower pot and actual flowers.
4/26/2015 - Hanging flower basket #1.
4/26/2015 – Hanging flower basket #1.

We have had a pretty busy weekend. We went to Home Depot yesterday in search of a 6 gallon galvanized trash can to store our bbq smoker pellets. Since the garbage cans are also in the garden department, we browsed the plants and flowers and talked about where we would put these things. Today we decided to get the hanging basket of flowers as well a something pretty to put into the 2 pots we acquired last month. So this was our basket at Home Depot prior to checking out:

4/26/2015 – Home Depot basket, from the front.
4/26/2015 - Home Depot basket, from the back.
4/26/2015 – Home Depot basket, from the back.

It was a “go big then go home” sort of day for us. The only saving grace is that for opening a Home Depot account and charging our purchase, we received $50 off our $112 (before tax) total. The small garbage can (our third in 2 days) and the pot are not shown.

Okay, if that’s not bad enough, we then went to Green Acres to purchase another pot for some of these flowers. Honestly, we only planned to buy a pot! Instead, we came out with 2 of the same pot, 2 birdbath stands (another purchase from Saturday, not pictured as yet), and yet another hanging basket of flowers. We replaced basket #1 with this:

4/26/2015 - Hanging basket #2.
4/26/2015 – Hanging basket #2.
4/26/2015 - Closer view of Fuchsia - Dollar Princess.
4/26/2015 – Closer view of Fuchsia – Dollar Princess.

I suppose we are making up for lost time in never before purchasing plants. M remarked that this was the most domesticated activity of his entire life, wandering around garden centers seeking colorful plants for our yard.

Hanging basket #1 is now happily hanging outside our back windows. It will likely move again tomorrow, but it certainly looks good and makes me happy right where it rests this evening.

In addition to our flowering plant spending spree, I have also been busy decluttering and organizing. To that end I went through both my dressers, all of my closets, and 2 of 5 shelves in the hallway linen closet. I have 3.5 contractor bags (I think they might be 36 gallons) 2/3 full of my clothes. They are so heavy I could barely carry them to my car and lift them into the back to take to donation tomorrow. I still have to go through my shoes, again embarrassingly huge in the sheer volume of shoes I own and never wear anymore. So I am making progress in addition to shopping until I am about dropping.

And speaking of dropping …. the treadmill desk is still a work in progress. I’m adjusting and doing pretty well with it, but when I am tired (like now) the last thing I want to do is stand and type. Yet writing is the best part of this process. I lose myself in what I am trying to express and next I look down I’ve gone a couple of miles and over 10,000 steps. Walking at 1.2 mph while typing … well, let’s just say it seems like quite a stroll.

I am off the clock the next three days and may or may not be back before Thursday. Just in case, I wish you all a great week.

5 thoughts on “Our fourth spring as homeowners

  1. be careful – planting flowers is addictive and you’ll keep adding more each year LOL. Just some advice (and this is totally not knowing if you are familiar with the flowers) but it looks like some of those are petunia’s? to keep them growing and blooming all summer you will need to “dead head” them. Pick off the dead ones as soon as you see them. Otherwise they won’t bloom as much and get kind of long and stringy looking 🙂 I just do it every time I am watering them.

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