Been a busy week, between being off work for 3 days and catching up for the other 2. Now it’s my birthday weekend and doing celebratory things. All weekend and into Monday (my actual birthday, taking the day off) as well.

My plans to spend a few days last week decluttering and organizing around the homestead were mostly successful, probably 60%. To offset that, we also had a lot of fun, did soe day tripping, and worked on the yard. Believe it or not our lovely flowers are still alive and quite beautiful, despite being purchased by the black thumb twins. While I donated several large bags of clothes and shoes and household stuff, I also purchased some new things for spring/summer and am on the hunt for a cute pair of sandals. I seriously doubt I can afford or truly want to shop for enough crap to replace all I donated, so at least I am still ahead on that score.

C starts a training for a new job on May 11, and my young friend also begins her new life-altering job the same day. For C it’s a few weeks of training at a new facility and in June she will begin working weekend overnights (7p-7a) Saturday and Sunday nights, then one other fill-in shift she will pick up during the week. Since this is a state job, she’ll get full medical/dental/vision/life benefits as well as retirement, so it’s most definitely a step up. While the other weekday shift will change each week, it’s still a step-up from the place she is leaving. Our young friend has found a room to rent through the end of August, which gives her time to finish her training, take/pass her behind-the-wheel test for her drivers license, and hopefully find an affordable apartment/roommate situation closer to work. We did spend some time shopping and got her outfitted with some casual pants and shirts and a pair of comfortable yet cute shoes for the work week.

M and I also acquired a Traeger smoker grill and are eager to try it out on Monday. M came down with a summer cold on Thursday and went down for the count this afternoon. Hopefully he’ll be back on his feet for family/birthday dinner tomorrow.

While I am sure there is lots and lots more mundane details to share, my mind is going blank. I feel way overstuffed from too much dinner followed by cake and ice cream. Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.

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