M has been fasting the last week and finally rejoined the eating population this afternoon. It’s tricky when it’s your wife’s birthday weekend, old friends are in town, and events that include eating have been in the social calendar for weeks. We mostly faked it last night – M ordered a side salad for me, I brought home the half of my entree he was supposed to be eating, and many pots of hot tea were consumed by him instead – but thankfully today he was finally done with all that.

We took some out of town friends to our favorite chinese restaurant, where M ate a large bowl of sizzling rice soup while the rest of us feasted on other types of wonderful food. Thankfully the cupcake shop next door was closed or I would again be worrying about my blood sugar and the amount of medication I might have to take to compensate. Chinese food is bad; adding a cupcake on top would have been really bad. Thank goodness I only celebrate this way once a year.

Tonight is extended family dinner and G and K are hosting. I say “extended” because K’s stepmother will be attending as well, and there will be more cake and more ice cream. Even pacing myself with small pieces and smaller servings it’s a lot of sugar, but I went for a 5 mile walk this morning with my nextdoor neighbor and am plodding along at the treadmill desk as I write this post. Planning ahead also helps. I will eat chicken and salad at dinner, avoiding excess carbs, and a bit of cake and 2 small bites of ice cream. Unfortunately I did that last night and still skyrocketed before bed. *sigh* It’s only once a year, and by Tuesday I will be back into my stricting regimen.

I am not complaining, though. The 24 hours I have been surrounded by friends I adore and do not seen nearly enough of because of geography. I will be an adult about this and increase my meds to cover these very special times.

I mentioned just briefly last night that our flowers are still alive and still very beautiful. They make me so happy just to see their colors when I leave and arrive. My ignorance of planting flowers and plants is pretty expansive. When we bought the pretty flowers, there were “drop and bloom” tags on several and the same message was reprinted on the pots. I was very excited. I quickly scanned the directions and thought you put some potting soil in another pot, dropped them into the pot with the potting soil, covered it up a bit, and watered. I was marveling at the pots that felt like regular plastic but must somehow deteriorate quickly to feed the plants. Imagine my surprise to get home and discover you were supposed to somehow remove the plastic transporting pot before sticking them into your new pot or into the ground with potting soil. Sometimes I think I might actually be too stupid to have a garden.

Other than all that, we’re have a most pleasant, relaxing weekend. Right now I’m going outside to sit and commune with the flowers .. still in their plastic pots from Home Depot, but carefully concealed with the prettier pots we purchased.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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